How to Find the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

It should. Hire a criminal defense attorney the minute you’re charged with a crime. With the expertise offered by the best criminal defense attorney, you may avoid time behind bars as well as many other consequences of a criminal conviction.

Criminal Law Specialization

A great criminal defense attorney specializes in this area of law. Any attorney can represent your case in court, but an attorney who handles criminal matters and who’s devoted his/her practice to that area of law understands it much better than the average attorney. They offer the absolute best representation for a person charged with a crime.

Go Local

A local criminal attorney who is familiar with the courts and judges in the area provides his client with a great advantage. This lawyer knows the ins and outs of the local court system, as well as the procedures and styles the judges use. The end result benefits the person fighting their case before the judge.

Experience Where It Counts

Examine the criminal lawyer’s experience defending criminal matters in a court of law. Not only should you look at the amount of time the lawyer has practiced law, but also the number of cases he has won in court. A lawyer who practiced for 20 years but lost more cases than he’s won probably won’t benefit your case the way that you’d like.

Reputation Matters

Ask friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and others for criminal lawyer referrals. Word-of mouth often provides us with the information that we need, saving us time and hassle. Ask around and learn important details about a law firm not found anywhere else. Take a look at reviews posted online as well. Available at no cost on various sites, reviews provide an inside glimpse to a law firm and attorney, giving you a better idea of how the lawyer can benefit your case.

Can I Get a Referral?

A good criminal lawyer has plenty of references available upon request. Ask the law firm to provide you with referral information. Contact the names the lawyer provides and learn important details about the firm to better decide if they’re a good match with your needs.


A good attorney listens to his client. He understands his client’s needs and fights like it is his life that is on the line. An attorney who isn’t afraid to stand up for his client, who understands that stakes that are at risk is the best attorney. He ensures the best outcome in the matter and wants the best for those he represents. A good attorney takes a client under his wing and shows excitement for the case. When an attorney asks questions and shows genuine interest in a case, you know that you’ve found “the one.”

Examine the Fee Structure

Some lawyers charge flat fees for their service while other lawyers charge hourly rates. Inquire about the fee structure so you know exactly how much you’ll pay a lawyer to defend your case. Lawyers set their own rates, thus comparing is important when cost matters. Most lawyers offer payment plans to ease the burden of costs for their clients.

Trust your instincts when choosing a criminal defense lawyer to handle your case. If something feels off about the lawyer, continue the search for the right attorney. Do not doubt yourself or second-guess this decision. When you find the lawyer, it feels right and you know that you are with the right person to protect you at the most important time in your life. Never settle for less when battling a criminal matter in a court of law.

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