How to Find Your Purpose

The following an extract from my book “The Power of Positive Energy.” 

Want to find your purpose? You first have to find yourself. This is because your purpose is not outside of you, it is inside of you.

Understanding who you are and your purpose go hand in hand; there is no beginning or end to these concepts. You are here to be you, to bring your energy and shine your light onto the world. This is your purpose and that is what the world needs from you.

It is a commonly held myth that your purpose needs to be a job title or label. But the truth is your true purpose is to embrace all of who you are and to live from a place that feels authentic and good to you.

Your purpose is like a force of energy that comes up from inside of you and helps direct the course of your life. Because your purpose flows from within you, everything that is unfolding in your life now is part of your purpose. It is your purpose to breathe the air you just inhaled, to read the words you are reading, and to be exactly where you are currently in time and space. Everything you create in your life is part of your purpose.

“When you believe in your heart more than your head, your purpose just starts to become who you innately are and what you naturally do . . . So next time you ask yourself, ‘what is my purpose?’ maybe the more important question to ask yourself and to answer through the heart is—what am I going to spend my time doing today?”  —Brian D. Evans

Many of us move through life hiding who we truly are and living from a place of fear and self-doubt. When you do this, it causes you to shift out of alignment with yourself and to accept a life that feels very limiting.

If you feel out of touch with your purpose or that you are not living up to the fullest of your potential, it is because you are essentially out of touch with your true inner self. Every circumstance you find yourself in, however, is always designed to bring you back to you. No matter what is going on around you, know that everything is exactly how it needs to be. Perhaps whatever is unfolding around you now is meant to be this way to show you something, to guide you, or to teach you.

Either way, your purpose is you, so everything connected to you is, therefore, part of your purpose. Once you start understanding and recognizing that, you can begin to align with the authentic vibration of your purpose.

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