How to Get Confident on Insta Stories

Let’s face it, showing your face on the gram is not for everybody. However, sometimes it is essential to build trust with your audience. People relate with people, not pretty feeds.

We spoke to Instagram expert Ela Duys, founder and CEO of Ela Mazur Creative, who fills us in on exactly how she got confident to speak to the ‘gram.’

Ela tells us: “Not everyone is born with having confidence in front of the camera. I am definitely not one of them! But I’ve LEARNT how to feel comfortable and speak with confidence and you can too! ”

“Whether it’s because you worry what people will say, feel embarrassed in front of friends and family, or if you simply feel awkward recording yourself – you are not alone! I’ve been there but I’ve pushed through! And now I can help you do the same! I have six tips to share with you that will make you open the Instagram app and post story after story with no hesitation.”

Ela shares with us her top tips on exactly HOW she built up her confidence.

1. Plan what you are going to post!

Write down what you want to say so you stay on track and get to the point! This will help to take away all the in-between words we say when we’re trying to think of what to say next such as ‘you know’, ‘like’, ‘ehm’s’ and ‘uh’s’. 

2. Get Comfortable

If you feel insecure recording in your office or in front of your partner – simply get away from them! I’m sure your loved ones and the people you have around you support your work, but having them mock you the 5th time you F up the sentence is just annoying… 

3. Drop the “my friends and family will judge me” mindset

I’ve spoken to many business owners who don’t want to post stories showing their face and speaking about their business because they are afraid of what people around them will say. If you can relate to this let me first say – what kind of friends are they? 

Your friends and family are not your target audience, their opinion is not going to pay your bills! 

4. Research

Not sure what to talk about? Have a look in your feed. I’m sure you’ve created amazing content in the past that you can re-use on a story! 

5. Be kind

Don’t be too hard on yourself. We all start at the same place – be proud of yourself for getting out there and growing your business! Even if it takes you 50 tries to upload a story – no one will know!

6. Just give it a go!

It’s not as scary as you think it is. 

Showing up on stories is a SUPER important step in creating trust and a personal connection to your brand. You are speaking to a person on the other side of the phone who will look at your story, build trust for your brand and from that decide they want to work with you or buy your product. People buy people.

Want to learn all about Instagram for business and how to attract your ideal clients? Check out Ela’s Instagram business Course.

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