How to Get Free Followers on Instagram (Active and Safe)

free followers on instagram

There is no counter to the fact that Instagram is becoming highly competitive, a social network for businesses and influencers. Be it any niche – from tech to travel to fashion and lifestyle – attracting new audiences to become your followers can be daunting especially for beginners.

Now, if you are thinking about how to get free followers on Instagram, know at once that you cannot have the best cards on both ends. That is, you must invest time and effort to get the most out of your Instagram marketing. Right from getting your first 100 followers to increasing that count to 10000, growing your followers on Instagram is no piece of cake. However, with a strategic plan, it can gradually be done and albeit, without spending a fortune.

If you are reading this article, then chances are that you want to increase your followers on Instagram. And rightly so. In fact, who does not like to flaunt a large follower base on their profile? More Instagram followers are a credibility statement that reflects your prowess and influence as a brand, besides your content. It gives your content more visibility, exposure, and engagement. But, as mentioned before, building a solid community of followers on Instagram is no easy task and requires patience and time.

Do you want to accelerate your Instagram growth with concrete results? Do you want to gain Instagram followers free and genuinely? Then, check out our exclusive step-by-step guide about how to get followers on Instagram fast free, and completely organically. With this actionable guide, be sure to drive results on your Instagram profile.

Sites to Get Free Instagram Followers:

Think that your organic Instagram marketing efforts are taking forever to yield positive results? If yes, then might want to get free followers on Instagram from third-party marketing providers. Not only does it kickstart organic Instagram promotions, but also makes your posts eligible for monetization or sponsored content.

Therefore, with more Instagram followers, you can also earn some extra bucks to fund your ventures. It expands your social media reach by making your content, or products visible to the audiences that are interested in consuming them. As such, more Instagram followers can literally make you more influential for free!

Check out the following sites to get free Instagram followers to boost your presence and influence on the platform:


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One of the best sites to get free Instagram followers, Social Packages is your ultimate Instagram growth solution. It gets your Instagram profile the relevant exposure that it needs to become popular and gain influence on the platform. With free Instagram followers from Social Packages, you can not only grow your followers count. But also, you sign up for getting more visibility and engagement on the platform. It offers premium quality services by bringing genuine and real Instagram profiles to follow your page.

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How to Get Free Instagram Followers – A Complete Step by Step Guide:

Getting Started – Gain Instagram Followers Free

The first step to getting free Instagram followers is to catch up on the basics. Whether you are an influencer or a local business, be sure that your Instagram profile is appealing and inviting enough to motivate the profile visitors to hit the follow button.

  • Create a Business Profile

If you are scratching your heads on how to get free followers on Instagram, then switching to an Instagram business profile might be the first step. A business profile on Instagram renders your content available for consumption by the public. If you have a business profile, you are basically inviting followers to explore your content.

Besides, it also gives you access to added Instagram features. For instance, Instagram insights, real-time metrics about how your posts are performing, audience demographics, and much more. Further, with a business profile, you can make it easier for your offline customers to find you online. You can do so by adding contact information, a precise location, and more. As such, you draw more audience to get free Instagram followers.

  • Add a Clear Bio, Profile Picture, and Website Link

There are thousands of fake profiles on Instagram. Therefore, it is imperative to let your audience know that you are a real, human version of a brand. You can do so by optimizing your Instagram account for better credibility and also, for making your brand discoverable. When you add a recognizable and clear profile picture or your brand logo, it enables Instagram users to find you credible.

The next important element of your Instagram business profile is your brand’s username, bio, and website or eCommerce store links. Together, these elements complete your profile and instigate your new page visitors to hit that follow button. On the contrary, with an unappealing, uninviting profile without optimization, you are already losing out on a major chunk of potential Instagram followers for your business.

  • Create a Consistent Brand Aesthetic

Before thinking about how to get free followers on Instagram, your focus must be on creating a unique brand aesthetic and story. Instagram users are always on the lookout for unique stories that resonate with the users. Further, when users visit your Instagram profile, they want to know who you are as a brand and what makes you unique. Therefore, creating a consistent and unique brand identity and aesthetic is important to gain Instagram followers free of cost.

When you communicate your authentic personality as a brand, you are in fact, building loyal connections with your audience. This can be paradigmatic to build long-term customer relationships. Also, create your own unique aesthetic style and let your Instagram feed speak for itself. With thousands of brands vying for attention from followers, you just cannot do otherwise.

Strategize – Creating a Compelling Instagram Strategy

Once your Instagram business profile is ready and has some content to display, it is now time to devise a compelling content strategy. This basically involves the kind of content that you will share over a particular period of time, how will you post it and when. The purpose of this step is to set goals for your Instagram business profile and see those goals in action.

  • Define Your Goals and Target Audience

The first step to a content strategy that addresses the question of how to get more followers on Instagram free is to define your goals. What is the aim of your Instagram strategy? Who is the target audience you are trying to reach? Do you also want to drive website traffic and boost sales besides increasing your followers? With a clear outline of goals to back your Instagram strategy, you can connect your overall business social media objectives.

By doing so, you are actually producing consistent, compelling content that appeals to your profile visitors and make them hit the follow button. Further, when you direct your content to a set of audience who would most likely be interested in your content. You are actually amplifying the chances of converting your profile visitors to your followers and albeit, loyal and retentive ones.

  • Optimize Posting Schedules

What you post on Instagram is as important as when you post it. The best way to get more Instagram followers is to get your content maximum reach right when you post it. To do that, you must optimize your posting schedules for the peak hours on Instagram. When you post during peak hours, it leverages the potential of your posts to reach the maximum audience. Not only does it help to draw maximum attention to your page, but also draws in the best engagement.

On the contrary, if you post outside of peak hours, the chances of your post sinking in the huge numbers of posts afloat on Instagram become greater. The schedules ideally identified as the best times to post on Instagram are between 2 pm to 3 pm on weekdays. On the weekends, the highest engagement turns in at around 11 am. However, the best way to identify particular posting times on Instagram for your brand is to test your audience behavior and analyze it to get free Instagram followers.

  • Create Engaging, Shareable Content

Now, this might seem too obvious to mention. But when thinking about how to get free followers on Instagram, this is something that you wouldn’t want to miss. Every post on your Instagram profile should add value, boost engagement and draw in more audience. Now there are endless possibilities on how you do that. Giving your audience a good laugh, for instance, is never a bad idea. Be it an occasional meme, or a hilarious dig at your competitors, your community is sure going to engage with funny content.

Further, because such content is super shareable, it also has the potential to draw in more followers on your Instagram. Therefore, optimizing your Instagram strategy to include shareable quality content that renders itself to getting maximum engagement is a proven plus. To draw in more followers, you could also start conversations by posting relevant questions, opinions, or host quizzes or content that are in line with your brand identity.

  • Leverage Instagram Content Types

Instagram has optimized the platform a great deal to facilitate businesses and content creators. As a brand leveraging the potential of Instagram marketing to get more followers, you could make use of these free features to get the best out of your strategy. To gain Instagram followers free, create your strategy to try out all content types of Instagram. This includes Instagram Reels, Instagram Live Collaborations, IGTV, Instagram Stories, and more. Stories, for instance, are a great way to introduce your new visitors to the kind of content they can find on your page.

Further, it comes with several interaction features – polls, stickers, questions and so much more. Using these features, you can post customer reviews, DIY videos, give insider sneak peeks, showcase product teasers, announce sales or discounts, and more. Similarly, you can host Q/A sessions with Instagram Live or collaborate with other influencers Live. By doing so, you are increasing your reach and visibility on the platform; consequently, you get free Instagram followers.

Implement – Build and Grow Your Brand with More Instagram Followers

Your Instagram strategy is done and created. Now, it is time to actually implement it and drive real results. The aim of this part in growing your Instagram followers is also crucial in establishing a brand personality for your existing and potential audience.

  • Collaborate With Influencers and Brands

One of the ways to grow your followers on Instagram is to leverage the potential of twin communities that share the same interests. You can do so by partnering with influencers or businesses in your niche. Be it a local business that you think you can promote, or an influencer whose content you really admire. The basic idea behind the collaboration is to grow mutually and become credible among a greater pool of audiences.

Moreover, more people buy products based on recommendations they see on their Instagram feed from the influential people they follow. The simple reason for this is – that they trust them. When Instagram users see your products actually being used by real people, it automatically establishes authenticity and customer trust. Therefore, one of the best ways on how to get followers on Instagram fast free, is to partner with influencers or brands in your niche.

  • Promote Your Content Outside Instagram

Thinking about how to get free followers on Instagram? Then, start by making your Instagram profile as discoverable as possible. Be it promoting your posts on other social media networks, or adding Instagram links on your website, email marketing newsletters or other marketing materials or blogs. You could also embed your Instagram posts on your website. If you do have a following on other platforms, let your followers know about your Instagram page and give them a good reason to check it out.

This could include Instagram exclusive discounts, contests, or more. All this collectively can boost your reach and discoverability all over the Internet. So, all the audience who might want to follow your content will be able to discover you on Instagram. Once your profile has got more reach, there is a greater possibility of getting more Instagram followers and fans.

  • Connect, Tag and Engage

People on Instagram are on the platform to socialize and connect and this is what you should do too. To gain Instagram followers free and easy, all you need to do is to keep your audience engaged. Be it tagging your highly active followers, your employees, or even tagging locations. It makes your Instagram post more informative and more discoverable. As such, your visibility on the platform increases and you draw in your potential followers to explore the content of your profile.

Another way to engage your existing followers is through comments and replies. So whenever a user comments on your post, you could comment back to show that you value their feedback. With more engagement on your posts, you could even land on the Explore page on Instagram. This can be groundbreaking to increase your follower count as now, millions of users would be able to see your post. As you become more visible on the platform, you will get more profile visitors and eventually get free Instagram followers.

  • Follow Other Profiles

Another way to increase your followers on Instagram is to follow other, relevant profiles. Be it following influencers in your niche, or even following other brands. It not only helps you gain more Instagram followers but also helps you stay updated about what your competitors are up to. The best way to select relevant accounts to follow is to target relevant hashtags and keywords. Alternatively, you could discover accounts through Suggestions that are curated for you by the Instagram algorithm. You could even encourage other pages, influencers in a similar niche to explore your profile and even set up a collaboration.

Similarly, when someone follows your account and encourages you to follow theirs, you could follow them back. By doing so, you will not only grow your brand on Instagram but also build a solid community for expanding your business offline. However, always ensure not to follow too many profiles too fast as it can seriously affect your follower vs. following ratio. If you are following too many accounts and have lesser followers yourself, it could hamper your brand’s credibility.

Analyze – Measure Results

After setting your Instagram strategy in action, track and measure results to see which of your goals have reached fruition and which ones need more work to do. It is at this stage that you analyze how to adjust and modify your content strategy to achieve maximum results.

  • Learn From Instagram Insights

With an Instagram business profile, you get access to a whole suite of analytics tools and insights. These are basically real time metrics that tell you about users’ engagement on your posts, reach of your posts, popular posts and the demographic information of your audiences such as age, gender, location and more.

Also, you can see when your existing followers are most active on Instagram. So, you can adjust your posting schedules in accordance with that. Further, with these metrics, you can see and analyze where your maximum followers are coming from. Then, by using these actionable metrics, you can adjust and optimize your Instagram strategy to get more Instagram followers.

  • Change What Does Not Work

The purpose of analytics and insights is to analyze what is working in your Instagram strategy and what is not. Once you identify the gaps in your strategy, do not be afraid to modify them – even if that means getting rid of some of your best ideas. Further, with Instagram, as with all other social media networks, it is important to evolve your Instagram strategy constantly.

This is because the Instagram algorithm upgrades constantly in order to make the experience better for the users. After addressing these gaps in your Instagram strategy, you are basically clearing the hurdles to attract more profile visitors. If they do find your content creative and compelling, you are likely to gain Instagram followers free and rapidly.

Optimize – How to Get More Followers On Instagram Free

After analyzing the loopholes in your Instagram strategy, it is time to address those gaps, modify your content strategy and re-implement it to get free followers on Instagram and greater in number.

  • Create Brand Specific Hashtags

There is no counter to the significance of hashtags on any social media platform. Hashtags basically make your content discoverable to its target audience. If you give users what they are looking for, they will definitely show interest and interact with your content and might convert to your followers.

When you use niche-specific hashtags, your chances of getting to your target audience are better. And when relevant audiences come to your profile, they will also display the best engagement rates, besides increasing your follower count. However, the trick with hashtags is neither to use the ones that are overcrowded nor the ones that are barely looked at. One of the most innovative ways to get free Instagram followers through hashtags is to start your own, brand-specific hashtags. By doing so, you can exclusively own that hashtag and also, foster your brand personality.

  • Post-High-Quality Visual Content

Instagram is largely a visual platform, where people see more than they read. So, what makes your Instagram feed stand out from the crowd is precisely high-quality photography and design. Better quality photographs and stellar videography attracts more audience to see other content on your timeline.

Further, Instagram profiles with good quality visual content are statistically proven to drive more traffic and gain Instagram followers free organically. This is reason enough as to why you should invest highly in the visual element of your posts on the platform. As long as you keep your brand aesthetic consistent, high-quality visual content is just what you need to compel your new profile visitors to hit that follow button.


Get started on amplifying your presence on Instagram with our complete step-by-step Instagram growth guide about how to get free followers on Instagram. Free Instagram followers are not just metrics to display on your business profile. Rather, they are more of a credibility statement that helps you attract more audience organically and retain them.

Follow our guide to create a compelling Instagram strategy and implement it to get free Instagram followers by investing effort and creativity. Couple your organic marketing efforts with the best sites to get free Instagram followers that will begin your organic growth chain on Instagram.

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