How to Get More TikTok Followers: 10 Comprehensive Tips

How to Get More TikTok Followers: 10 Comprehensive Tips

TikTok sprouted to one of the top social media platforms of 2020; with over 500 million active monthly users, it’s now on it’s way to the 1 billion that Instagram offers.  

TikTok is one of the best platforms for entertainment and influencers, with short videos allowing people to create engaging content and reach more people in their target audience. It’s especially popular among younger users, but it’s popularity has expanded to almost all niches and content types.

The great thing about TikTok is that it breaks down barriers even more— while networks like LinkedIn and Facebook are more formal and distanced, TikTok allows users to get closer than ever through very engaging content, always including video. 

With so many users flocking to TikTok to participate in the latest trends, authenticity and creativity are some of the most important elements in making your videos a knock-out success. 

The potential to reach more users is definitely there, but many people have been left wondering how to get more TikTok users in the hopes of better performing content and more reach on the platform. 

It’s possible to do on your own, but you need to have a well-tailored strategy to gain the necessary followers to help your content perform well and go viral. Good news— it’s totally possible! 

We’ve created this 10-tip guide to help you boost your TikTok follower count to the next level and generate more interest in your TikTok profile. After reading our guide, you’ll understand: 

  • The importance of quality TikTok followers 
  • How to get more TikTok followers 
  • What content performs best on TikTok 
  • How to grow your TikTok fast 

We can’t wait to share our tips with you. Let’s get started with a little info about TikTok followers and then dive in. 

Why You Need Engaged TikTok Followers 

social media engagement

As with most social media networks, the key to success has shifted. In the past, having high follower counts was the top indicator of popularity, but over time, people have realized this really doesn’t mean as much in the long run. 

The one key factor to social media success? Engagement

TikTok included, engagement is the driver of true social media success, and this is the factor that can make or break your popularity. 

If you don’t have high levels of engagement, platforms like TikTok and Instagram won’t recognize your content as popular and valuable to your community, sharing it with less users. 

With TikTok in particular, this is very important, because as you view videos on TikTok, the platform will give you new videos to view even if you don’t follow the account. When you get a lot of engagement, you’ll show up in more people’s TikTok feed. 

So, while it may be attractive to look to simple solutions like buying fake TikTok followers, this won’t help your account much. You need to have followers that like you, are interested in your content, engage with it, and want to see more. 

The following 10 tips will help you to gain followers that are valuable to your TikTok and will help to boost your engagement levels as well. Let’s dive in! 

How to Get More Followers on TikTok

Get More TikTok Followers Tip 1: Use TokUpgrade 

TokUpgrade - Get Real TikTok Followers

While you can most certainly grow your TikTok all by yourself, there are TikTok growth tools out there that makes it much easier, and you should definitely take advantage of them. 

One of the best tools to help you get more TikTok followers is TokUpgrade. TokUpgrade offers a very simple and straightforward growth service to help get your content in front of the users that matter. 

The best way to get more followers and generate interest in your account is through engaging with users in your target audience, and that’s exactly what TokUpgrade will do for you. You’ll provide them with target information and they’ll take the lead from there. 

It’s great because it can take hours to look for target users and engage with them on TikTok, taking away valuable time from content creation and responding to people on your own feed. 

TokUpgrade lets you stay focused on your content while they cover the engagements. You don’t have to worry about any fake or bot followers as all of the engagements taken by TokUpgrade are real, and all users targeted by the service are real according to your targeting instructions. 

The service is easy to set up, and you’ll grow your TikTok with real managed engagements after you send over your targeting instructions. 

TokUpgrade offers budget-friendly monthly plan options, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank, either. 

We love TokUpgrade and it’s saved us so much time in finding new TikTok users to view content and give us a follow.  

Get More TikTok Followers Tip 2: Use SidesMedia 

SidesMedia - Buy TikTok Followers

Another great option for gaining more TikTok followers is to use the services provided by SidesMedia. SidesMedia is a viable option not only for TikTok growth, but for cross-platform growth if you’re looking to gain more followers on platforms like YouTube and Twitter, among others. 

SidesMedia offers real TikTok followers and views in packages from their wide network of over 5,000 users. That way, you’re gaining real followers and viewers and don’t have to mess around with a bunch of fake engagements or followers that do nothing. 

They deliver your package over the course of a few days so it’s natural, and they don’t require your TikTok password, so your account stays safe and secure. 

TikTok success also depends on social cred, so buying from SidesMedia can help you to expand your real follower network without putting your account at risk. 

You can buy a variety of different TikTok packages on SidesMedia, including TikTok followers, TikTok likes, and TikTok views.

If you’re looking for followers, you can buy anywhere from 100 to 15,000 followers from their service; in terms of likes and views, you’re looking at anywhere from 100 to 10,000. 

If you’re looking for a boost to help you perpetuate more natural growth, SidesMedia is a fantastic option with affordable prices and risk-free service. 

Get More TikTok Followers Tip 3: Follow Trending Hashtags for Captions 


TikTok is all about trends, and it wouldn’t be a social media network without hashtags. Hashtags are the principal tool to help get your content discovered by more users on the platform, so you should definitely be using them on TikTok. 

TikTok also makes it really easy to find out which hashtags are trending, as you can see them right when you click on the “discover” section. If you can take a look at the trending hashtags, you’ll be able to know what type of content to create and what to tag it. 

For instance, a popular tag that is trending now is #WordsOfWisdom. This is a great opportunity for you to open up and connect with your followers, offering them valuable advice or information in relation to your content and life in general. 

When you follow trending hashtags, you’re able to create meaningful content that will stay on-trend, helping you to perform better on TikTok. 

Don’t underestimate the power of hashtags— they’ve been used across all social media networks since they first appeared on Twitter in 2007, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Get used to them and use them to your advantage! 

Your content isn’t complete if you haven’t added a hashtag or three. 

Get More TikTok Followers Tip 4: Optimize Your TikTok Bio 

The first thing that users are going to see when they visit your TikTok is your Bio. This is where they can get all of the principal information about your account and what you’re all about. 

You should include all of the necessary information for people to get to know you, but remember— TikTok is about entertainment and making deeper connections, so you should have fun and be approachable. 

If your bio is not enticing or looks boring, people aren’t going to be too excited about what you have to offer. Also, try not to be too serious, and don’t try too hard. 

As we mentioned, TikTok is about being authentic, so the more real you can be, the more approachable you become to new potential followers. 

Use a fun quote or a witty remark; it’s also common for some TikTok users to include a P.O. box so that their fans can send them fun things in the mail. It seems crazy, but people actually send stuff! We know lots of people that have gotten both custom-made gifts as well as expensive presents from their fans. 

You can also include a link to an external site, so take advantage of this if you want to link to your website or other social media platforms. 

Get More TikTok Followers Tip 5: Feature People or Pets  


Believe it or not, some of the most popular content features pets! People love to see animals, and if you include pets or animals in your TikTok content, people are bound to go crazy for it.

Animal lovers also appear to be more fun and approachable, so it will also give you credit there. 

The videos don’t even have to be super amazing— videos with pets always perform well. If you can work in extra creativity or video series with your pets or animals you know, you’re off to a good start. 

In addition, content that features people on TikTok is basically a necessity. If you’re camera shy, now is a good time to get over that. You’ll have to put your best face forward if you want to create interesting TikTok content that performs well. 

You can also feature other people that are connected to you or your content in some way, and if you’re a business, it’s great to feature employees and customers in your TikTok content (with their permission, of course). 

This is not a new phenomenon; if you’re using other social media networks like Instagram and Facebook, you’ll find that content featuring people or faces gets more engagement and performs better overall. 

For that reason, it’s not just a TikTok rule— if you’re on multiple social media networks, make sure you’re including people and pets in your content. 

All in all, the key to great TikTok content involves people and pets. Period!  

Get More TikTok Followers Tip 6: Aim to Entertain 


TikTok is mostly about entertainment. People come to TikTok to relax, see what crazy antics people are up to these days, and watch a bunch of silly things that you really can’t find other places on the internet. 

While it’s a bit off-the-wall, weird, and sometimes cringey, people can’t get enough— it’s addicting. Join the wave, don’t resist it. 

It’s important to have a sense of humor on TikTok and use your creative juices to create content that’s not stale or too serious. You’ve got to have some element of entertainment to your TikTok content. 

A great way to do this is to use trending songs for your videos; take a look at what songs are trending in pop culture as well as on TikTok and apply them to your videos. 

If you’re not sure, the app will suggest songs, so you can use those ones if you are a bit lost. TikTok has lots of deals with musicians to help boost the popularity of songs, so you’ll see that it’s easy to find them. 

In addition to music, you should try to find ways to help people relax and have fun— that doesn’t mean your content has to be void of any real meaning, but you should try to deliver all of your videos in a way that is enjoyable and accessible to a wide range of people. 

Get More TikTok Followers Tip 7: Drop Some Truth Bombs 

People love nothing more on TikTok than users who get real on the platform. You’ll find a plethora of accounts that have hundreds of thousands of followers talking about important issues like race, domestic violence, social issues, and more. 

While the main purpose of TikTok is to entertain, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also aim to impart wisdom and offer something valuable to your followers. 

After all, everyone has problems in life, and they’re always looking for solutions and ways to live a happier, better life. 

One of the trending hashtags right now, as we mentioned above, is #WordsOfWisdom. Another one is #WhatILearned. It’s clear that there is a demand for real honesty on TikTok, and you should aim to create an authentic presence through the occasional honesty post. 

In addition, you can ask users questions or for suggestions, and you can respond to their comments in video form. This is a great way to get ideas about what your target audience wants to hear about and you can address their questions or topics in creative and informative ways. 

There are also lots of accounts about business tips, marketing, life hacks, and more. Aim to educate on TikTok as well as to entertain. 

Get More TikTok Followers Tip 8: Know Your Optimal Posting Times 

Posting Time

Another important factor that affects your performance on TikTok is when you post your videos. When you post, make sure you are posting when a large number of your target audience is likely to be online so that you can get more views right out of the gate. 

While this tip is more important for Instagram, it is still a valuable hack for TikTok follower growth. 

Some of the most common posting times on TikTok are typically early in the morning, mid to late afternoon, or later at night. These are the most common times for the general population to be browsing around on TikTok, typically moments of rest or breaks throughout the day. 

Get More TikTok Followers Tip 9: Spice up Trending TikTok Challenges 

A very popular content pillar on TikTok is viral challenges. There have been so many throughout this year alone, including the J-Lo challenge, hot girlish, DNA test challenge, ‘me versus ___’, savage, and hundreds more. 

Stay up-to-date with the trending video challenges as well as dances on TikTok and put your own twist on it. You should try your best not simply to do the challenge but to add your own fun and interesting spin on it. 

There are literally thousands of people reproducing these challenges, so while you’re likely to get a view or two, you have better chances of being featured if you add something unique to your challenge or do it in an outstanding way. 

Challenges are one of the main types of content on TikTok, so while you don’t have to fill your feed with challenges only, it’s a good idea to partake in a few here and there to stay trending and relevant on TikTok. 

Get More TikTok Followers Tip 10: Create Content with Good Lighting 


Nothing is worse than seeing a bunch of dark, dingy videos on TikTok. Even if you get a lot of viewers to come across your video, if they don’t have good lighting and appealing aesthetics, you’re not likely to perform well. 

Use natural lights or a lighting tool like a ring light so that your content comes out clean and professional-looking. Even if you don’t have a top of the line camera, you can still make your content look well-shot if you have the right lighting. 

You can also use lighting for dramatic effect as a part of your video, which helps to boost your creativity and show your personality. 

You’d be surprised how big of an impact lighting has on your videos; not only is there brightness, but there’s also warm or coolness, as well as color and positioning. There are so many different vibes you can give your videos with lighting. 

In addition to lighting for your videos, you can also use a variety of different filters to change up the look and also add different artistic elements to your videos. It’s not uncommon for people to use filters on pretty much every social media post, so have fun with it. 

Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting! 

How to Get Free TikTok Followers 

Grow Followers

So, after reading all of our tips, you want to know how to get free followers? 

Well, our top tip for getting free TikTok followers is — DON’T! 

When you fall into traps of companies that claim to offer you free TikTok followers, you’re putting your account health and integrity at risk. 

And remember, as we mentioned above, there is no benefit to having a bunch of fake followers pumped onto your TikTok account. You need real, engaged followers to gain more natural reach on TikTok. 

The only thing that you’ll receive is a headache and you may even put your account at risk of being flagged and penalized by TikTok, as they don’t allow fake follower growth per the terms of use.

Plus, nothing is free, especially in the world of social media. If someone is offering you free TikTok followers, run the other way! Or dance, and film it for your TikTok content. 

Ultimately, this is the best piece of advice we have for you: follow the tips and grow your real TikTok followers organically. That’s it. Everything we’ve discussed with you today can help you grow your TikTok followers exponentially. 

Wrap-Up: How to Get More TikTok Followers Fast 

There’s no doubt that TikTok is a great addition to the social media arena. There are millions of people every month that enjoy themselves through watching TikTok, giving you more opportunity to establish a presence for yourself and even market or promote your business endeavors. 

With such a casual and intimate platform like TikTok, you have a unique opportunity to build bonds with your target audience and communicate directly with them to understand them better. This can also help you in your business offerings and endeavors. 

Having more real, engaged followers on TikTok ensures that people are always viewing your videos and getting your content out to more potential followers. Follow our ten tips above and watch your TikTok followers grow!

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