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Heard of TikTok? If you haven’t heard of it by now, it’s about time that you did. TikTok is a quickly growing social media sharing app that has taken Generation Z by storm.

However, just like with other social media platforms, it’s quickly becoming a crowded street. More and more people are vying for attention, which means that it’s pretty hard to get noticed.

If you’re wondering how to get more views on TikTok, we’ve got the scoop. Let’s talk about it.

Try a Growth Service

Ever thought about trying a growth service to buy real TikTok followers?

If you’re struggling to gain any traction on your own merit, consider outsourcing your engagement to a growth service or a highly-rated TikTok bot. A growth service is an organic service that can help you find more people who will be interested in your content.

It’s crucial to find one that can connect you with real, active users. This way, you can get on with creating more amazing content without having to worry about the engagement side of things.

TokUpgrade does really well in user reviews and has been voted the #1 service to get you more TikTok views.

Get Your Profile Right

How much thought have you put into your profile so far? You might have been swamped with content creation up until this point. However, your profile is going to go a long way in helping you get more views on that content.

First, make sure that your username is recognizable, easy to remember, and relevant to your content. Second, ensure that your profile picture is inviting, clear, and high quality.

Lastly, you’ll want to include links to other social media platforms, allowing your audiences to crossover.

Pick Your Niche

You can post as much as you like, but if you don’t have a niche that your content falls into, you’re not going to get a lot of attention.

Choosing your niche means finding something that is unique, original, and consistent. It’s relevant, and it’s something that people are already looking for out there. There are a million profiles out there that all look the same, so find something that’s going to make you stand out.

Be Sociable

Want to stand out and get more views on your TikTok content? Interact with your community. People who do well on TikTok do so by interacting with other people in their niche, making friends, and supporting other people that are upcoming as well.

The more you interact with others, the more you’ll get noticed, and the better your content will do in terms of views.

Use the Crown to Your Advantage

How badly do you want to get a TikTok crown? There’s a lot more work that goes into getting the coveted crown than you might think. Despite this, there are always moderators on the platform on the lookout for people that they want to promote.

If you want to be one of these people, interact with as many crown-holders as possible. If you leave a comment on a video that’s popular, you’re more likely to get seen by a moderator.

Use Trending Hashtags

Trending Hashtags

What kind of hashtags are you putting on your videos? How relevant are they to your content, and are you consistent with them? These are the kinds of questions you need to be asking yourself about your hashtag game.

The more you use hashtags to your advantage, the more you’ll win. It’s important to find trending hashtags within your niche and industry that can prop your content up, and give it a bigger reach. Make sure that they’re as relevant as possible.

Try a Challenge

You might have noticed that one of the most popular things to do on TikTok is to participate in challenges. A lot of the time, those challenges go viral, and lots of different people jump on the bandwagon by creating their own version of it.

You need to participate in viral challenges if you want to get more likes and views on your TikTok videos. Make sure to tag competitors, or people that you think will be interested so that you can get more views.

Team Up With Someone

Team Up

If you can’t beat them, join them, right? You most likely have already been able to establish who your rivals are on TikTok. Instead of feeling threatened by them, why not team up with them to increase your viewership?

Whether you collaborate with people that you already know or find people within your niche, the more you network like this and share your inventory, the more popular you’ll become, which will bring those views through the door.

Post Consistently and Frequently

How often are you posting right now? You might have gone crazy at the beginning but have decided to reel it in a bit – you just can’t find the time to create that amount of content.

However, often you post, make sure that you’re doing so at least twice a week, and keep it consistent. When you establish an audience that interacts with your content, they come to expect to see more of it.

Remember, though, that quality is always more important than quantity. If you need to slow things down to keep the quality of your content, do so.

Create Your Own Trend

Want to get more TikTok views on your TikTok content? Then you need to be original enough that you can come up with your own trend or challenge.

You might find this tough because it’s a pretty crowded marketplace already, and it might feel like challenges are being created both left and right. However, another thing that you have to remember is that TikTok is still pretty new. This means that you’ve still got a shot at being original enough to spearhead a brand new challenge, and be recognized for it.

So, if the current trends don’t seem to have anything to do with your brand’s message or what you’re trying to portray to your niche, why not come up with something completely brand new?

This is one of the best ways to get TikTok views and have the right people looking at your content. There are plenty of big brands out there that use this tactic to try and get their name out there, so there’s no reason why you can’t do it as well.

Be Original with Your Content

This might sound like nothing more than common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people aren’t original with their content these days.

There is a lot of exciting stuff happening on TikTok, but there is a lot of generic stuff as well. People think that they just need to create content, period – it doesn’t matter if it’s not original or not. However, if you want to be one of the ones to stand out and get more TikTok views on your videos, then you really need to think about how you can be original.

If you don’t think that you’ve got it in you to create viral challenges that everyone is going to want to try, at least be original with your content. This way, you will start to make a name for yourself as being authentic, relevant and genuine, and you will get TikTok views from people that appreciate your presence on the social media sharing app.

Get Creative with Your Bio

We talked briefly a little bit about your bio before and how it’s an important part of getting more TikTok views. Let’s break this down a little bit more.

Your bio is similar to the one that you have over on Instagram, which means that you don’t have a lot to work with, and you’ve got to make the most of every character. We suggest making it short and sweet so that you can explain who you are, what your TikTok content is about, and even link to your website if you’ve got one.

People don’t spend too much time checking out TikTok bios these days, so the shorter you can make it, the better. Make sure that you can explain what you’re all about in just a few words because this can mean the difference between getting more TikTok views, and not. There are a lot of generic bios out there, so if you put a little bit of creativity into it, you’ll go far.

Have a Fun, Unique Profile Picture

As well as having a bio that people can relate to and understand, you need to make sure that your profile picture is enticing and appealing to the masses.

Even before your bio, this is what people see when they come across your TikTok page, which means that it’s going to play a big role in whether they decide to stop for a while or move onto the next thing.

Make sure that your profile picture is relevant, friendly, inviting, and relatable, so that people are intrigued and tempted to find out more about you and view your content.

Post at Peak Times

One of the best ways to get more views is to figure out when your audience is most active on the social media sharing app, and post your content accordingly. If you’re using a TikTok pro account you will be able to check out your analytics, and from these work out when they’re online, and when they’re not.

If you’re not using a pro account, that’s okay – you can experiment a little bit with posting times, and slowly work out when it’s best to put up your content. Another thing to think about with your TikTok pro account is that the posting times are in UTC time. This means that if you’re not in this timezone, you’ll have to convert it to your timezone so that you can work out what this means for where you’re located.

It could be early in the morning, or late at night. Whatever it is, know that the more accurate you are with your posting times, the easier it’s going to be to get TikTok views on your content.

Cross-Promote Your Content

Have you got a bit of a following on Instagram and Facebook as well? Then you need to take advantage of this to get more TikTok views and cross-promote your content.

This is even more relevant if you have similar niches on your Facebook and Instagram, and know that they’re going to be really interested in what you’ve got to put out there on TikTok. It’s a really easy way to get more TikTok views, and bring some of your audience on Instagram over to your TikTok profile. They will be highly likely to enjoy checking out your TikTok videos, so make sure that you promote your TikTok profile over on your Instagram as well.

Post User-Generated Content

If you can’t think of anything original to put up for a little while, then know the merit of posting user-generated content in the interim.

There’s nothing wrong with reposting other people’s content within your niche because the credits will be on the video. This is a great way to engage with other people in your community, post popular videos, and get more views without having to come up with original ideas yourself all the time.

Come Up with a Unique CTA

Do you ever ask your audience to do something in the form of a question at the end of your videos? If not, then you might want to think about doing so.

Even if it’s something as simple as asking them to check out your other videos, ending on a question is a great way to encourage your viewers to take action and engage a bit more with your content.

If you want to get more TikTok views, this is a great way to keep your audience interested in your content, and interacting with your video content. You don’t have to do it every time, but you can also come up with a signature tag that they can expect in every video, for the purpose of being consistent with it.

Try Buying Your Views

What kind of reason can we come up with for you to buy TikTok views? A few, actually. Similar to a growth service, when you buy your TikTok views, you can end up saving a ton of time that you can put into creating more amazing content instead.

When push comes to shove, there is a very small percentage of us that can actually find the time to execute our TikTok engagement strategy and create content. This is why it’s helpful to have a backup plan like being able to buy views on TikTok.

Final Thoughts

So, there it is – everything you need to know about how to get more views on TikTok. It’s not an easy path, but if you put the work in, you’ll get a lot out of it and build up a popular page that many people in your niche will love.

Make sure to implement things like growth services and buying your TikTok views, and before you know it, you’ll be unable to count the number of views you get on each of your TikTok videos. Good luck!

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