How to Get the Best at Home Workout for Your Lifestyle

Three months into 2021 and most of us have probably failed on many of our New Year’s resolutions.

But all hope is not lost just yet! For those that made resolutions to make this year the one of fitness and health, there is still time to get motivated and create your ultimate home workout plan.

The key to getting the best at-home workouts is doing ones that suit both your lifestyle and interests. When you can do that, it is immediately much more likely to be motivated to exercise and get the most out of your sweat session.

So to help you in the quest to pick the best type of home workout to suit your lifestyle, we’ve rounded up the top ones to consider incorporating into your daily routine.

1. Morning Yoga

With so many great online yoga apps to choose from, there is no excuse not to make yoga part of your daily routine. For those looking to kick start your day with the right type of mindset and get the blood flowing through your body, at-home yoga is a great workout to do first thing in the morning! All you need for this is a yoga mat and a focused mindset, and you will be blown away by the results! This is also one of the more affordable at-home workouts to do as the equipment needed is minimal.

2. Body Weight HITT

Wanting to get the heart pumping but with low impact? There is a range of excellent bodyweight HIIT workouts to try to get you super fit this year. All that is required for these home workouts are adequate space, a mat, and a television or screen big enough for you to see the instructor. The great thing with these types of at-home workouts is that you can do one that suits the spare time you have—from short burst workouts of 15-20 minutes to an hour-long sweat session!

3. Strength and Cardio combos

If you need some terrific personal motivation, try incorporating a digital personal trainer into your home workout plan. There is a range of great ones that have created detailed weekly workout plans for you that include both strength and cardio sessions, so all you have to do is follow along! These are also great as they suit whatever type of home gym setup you may have.

4. The Full Weight Set Up

Creating a weekly weights plan is a great at-home option for those who just want to pump some iron and lift off any stress. You can have an arms day, a legs day, a back day, a full body day, etc. Every day you will be getting stronger, fitter, and healthier. This is great for those wanting to track their goals, too, as you can log your weights each week and see your progress as you continue to stay dedicated to your home workout plan.

5. Straight Up Cardio

For those who just need to get their heart rate up and want to push themselves to the max, creating a home workout plan centered around cardio is a great way to go. For these types of workouts, all required is a piece of cardio equipment, like an elliptical machine or a spin bike. That way, no matter what the weather is like outside, you can always get your cardio on inside in your home.

So don’t stress if you haven’t fully gotten into the swing of your home workout plan just yet. These five tips are a great way to build a structured fitness plan for the rest of 2021.

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