How to Get your First Twitch Sponsors and Start Streaming Income

Few people enjoy a full-time income from Twitch, but Twitch sponsors pay far more than YouTube advert income.

XQC has over 55,000 subscribers and earns more than $80k from people donating on their stream. NICKMERCS gets $1,737,535 per year, and IBAI gets $1,373,605 per year from his 3.5 million followers.

Yet, they all have to start somewhere. They all had to generate interest and create a loyal following along with a network of sponsors. To get ahead, you can buy Twitch followers from Streamerplus.

What Types of Sponsorships Are Available?

A sponsorship on Twitch is a paid brand partnership. In most cases, you get a set amount and in return, you promote their service or product on your channel. You can promote and make money from:

  • Logo displays
  • Affiliate links
  • Sales banners
  • Product giveaways
  • Shout outs

How Do I Find Sponsors?

Sponsors are often very easy to get, even if you are fairly new to Twitch. But the easiest-to-get sponsors are also the most hard work. For example, if you were very popular, sponsors will approach you and pay you just to talk about their products while you are gaming. Whereas, if you are new with very few followers, then companies will offer you affiliate links, and you only get paid (about 7% to 10%) if somebody makes a purchase through your affiliate link.

Find sponsors at events, streaming conventions, e-sports tournaments, and set gaming events. Ask your friends which companies are sponsoring them and set up an introduction. Also, there are directory websites that show you which companies offer affiliate link sponsorship. Here is a website showing companies that offer affiliate link sponsorships. Again, they are not very lucrative unless you can convince people to buy through them.

Some people find agents, who help them get sponsors. There are also digital marketing agencies that hold influencer marketing campaigns. You may also sign up with a connection agency that specializes in Twitch; for example, you can buy Twitch viewers on Streamerplus.

What Information Will Sponsors Need?

Meeting sponsors is a little outdated unless you have a very popular Twitch channel, or your agent sets it up. In most cases, you will have to fill in some sort of form giving details like the ones below.

  • Brand profile: They want to know what your brand principles are.
  • Viewership statistics: They want proof of your views, followers, and any other analytic data you can give.
  • Sponsorship packages: They want to know which companies already sponsor your content or channel.
  • Positive reviews: They want any proof that you are in a positive standing with your current subscribers or sponsors.

The sponsor will come to you with offers of money. Do not set your sponsorship amount. If they ask for it in your application, just type “To be discussed” and leave the rest blank.

How Do I Develop My Channel to Attract More Sponsors?

Build your following because sponsors will be more attracted to you and will be willing to pay more for a deal with you. A big fanbase is good, as is being popular because sponsors like the flavor-of-the-month Twitch streamers.

Create strong content that is re-visited by followers. If possible, you want content that will keep people coming back because sponsors want viewers to see or hear their adverts more than just once. They want content that continues to send them potential customers well into the future.

Build a social media presence so that you have a way to cross-promote. Try setting up a Facebook Fan Page, and feel free to pay to boost your posts. Try adding video clips to Instagram, and even to YouTube. Stay clear of Twitter because it is poison for Twitch uploaders. Twitter trolls will ruin you if given the chance, so stay away from Twitter.

Build a brand image. Create brand principles and stick to them, be it the way you play, or the way you present, or create rules about things you will “Not” do. Create a brand so that people recognize you when they see you, and they also get a good idea of what you are all about when they visit your content.

More followers mean more attention, which leads to better sponsors. It takes a good while to build up a decent following, but the more followers and views you get, then the easier it is to find sponsors.

Should You Buy a Following

You may consider buying views or followers, which is fine, but there are certain ways that sponsors figure out if your views and followers are real. The most obvious way is when one of your videos has thousands of views, and some only have tens of views. Another is if you have a great many followers, but very few likes. There are also some sponsors who are able to see analytic data, and they may see that your likes were bought simply because your viewers visited, but hardly spent any time viewing your videos. So, be aware that buying followers and views is a way to trick sponsors into signing you up, but you have to be clever and diligent about it because they have their ways of figuring out if your following/views are fake or not.

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