How to Get Your Natural Hair to Its Full Potential After Hair Loss

While found more commonly in men, women experience hair loss as well. Fortunately enough, both prevention and cure exist for this upsetting condition.

There can be varying first signs between the two to identify loss of hair. For example, for men, the first sign of hair loss can be a receding hairline, or often a bald spot found in the middle of his head. For women, hair loss can be identified by the widening of only thinning out of their hair.

Losing hair can be an unsettling event to deal with. It can leave many hopeless regarding their hair, and it mostly leaves people distraught. Like everything else, many solutions exist to tackle this problem.

When experiencing hair loss, many people’s first instinct would be the idea of fake hair. This can be a wig of natural or synthetic hair, or you could just go with the surgery. But for those who are hopeful and inviting to the idea of growing back their natural hair, let us discuss how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally.

Causes for Hair Loss

Starting with why hair loss even occurs, there are a few common causes to it. One of them is your age and genetic build-up. As you grow older, your body starts to prioritize other functions rather than hair production capabilities, so the process of hair growth slows down. Similarly, an order can be observed in hereditary hair loss, commonly termed pattern hair loss.

You can also get hair loss due to excessive mental stress and fatigue. Hair loss is a common symptom of anxiety. Other contributing factors include poor hair care, extreme heat damage, and not using the right products.

Getting Back Natural Hair

There are all sorts of methods available to get back natural hair. These include both natural remedies and specially engineered products. To choose the right products, you must establish an in-depth understanding of the ingredients that need to be present in your hair care routine.

Let’s take a look at one of the best ingredients that you can incorporate in your hair care routine to accelerate the process of hair loss and regain that natural fullness you once had.

  • PLANOXIA: this ingredient helps to induce telogen and anagen conversion, which helps thicken your hair strands. It does so by penetrating deep into your scalp and opening up your hair follicles to promote faster growth as well as an increase in hair depth.
  • HAIRGENYL: This substance helps to minimize the proportion of hair in its telogen phase, promoting faster growth of the hair strand itself. Alongside the growth rate, this ingredient also assists in thickening the hair and lessening the shedding you may experience.
  • REDENSYL: Through redensyl, you can help your hair achieve a more active hair growth cycle, which will help the scalp generate more hair follicles throughout its anagen cycle. With this ingredient, you’re bound to have that thicker, fuller, luscious hair you need.


Losing hair is a very upsetting condition to deal with, yes, but it is not hopeless. There are multiple ways you can tackle this issue and successfully return to your fully haired glory.

Always be vigilant about the kind of hair products you use and the ingredients used in its making. We hope that our article helped you select the right products for your hair recovery journey.

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