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How to Hold a Successful Digital Summit

Springing Ahead: with Jordana Guimarães Co-Founder of Fashinnovation.

Erika De La Cruz, founder of Passion to Paycheck, talks to Serial Entrepreneur and Industry Innovator Jordana Guimarães about the future of building a business in the media and fashion industry post COVID-19.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to Hold a Winning Digital Summit: Fashinnovation’s Digital Summit Experienced Success this Year with over 100,000 viewers over Two Days! Featuring Goliaths like Diane von Furstenberg & Kenneth Cole.
  • Winning Characteristics of Entrepreneurship & How Mental Health Factors into your Business’s Success
  • The Future of Fashion and Sustainability and Tactics to Level-Up your Brand to Meet the New Standard



Written by Erika De La Cruz

Erika is a Television Personality & Speaker specializing in Millennial Motivation and Success. Co-founder and Author of the brand & book- Passionistas, Tips Tales & Tweetables from Women Pursuing Their Dreams. California State Senate's Woman to Watch 2016. Host of Brian Tracy's 2016 Success Mastery Academy. Youngest ever marketing director at Entercom Broadcasting. On-air personality- BlogTalk Radio. Host of Fashion Week San Diego. Motivational Speaker in the #Girlboss Movement.