How to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Lindsay Kiriakos M.D. is a psychiatrist who helps his clients with stress management, anxiety disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy, assertiveness training, management of communication skills, work-life balance, and medication management for anxiety disorders. If you are one of the thousands of Americans who struggle with work-life balance, you are not alone.

Many Americans struggle when it comes to trying to balance their work world with their family world or personal world. Here are a few tips that Mr. Kiriahos provides that may help you achieve a better work and home life balance.

Dr. Lindsay Kiriakos Recommends Having Set Work Hours and Sticking to Those Hours

When it comes to finding a good work-life balance, start to focus on the hours you spend working. Ensure you do not work too many hours and give yourself hard limits when completing your job assignments. It would be best not to allow yourself to work past a particular time and keep that time consistent. Any deviation from that time can quickly turn into long workdays, and before you know it, you are back to over-extending yourself and unbalancing your time at the expense of your personal life.

Dr. Lindsay Kiriakos Explains the Importance of Prioritizing Important Events In Your Work and Home Life

Your work life and home life need to have a healthy amount of focus and time for both. Lindsay states the challenge of finding a balance is recognizing the value of what events to focus on first. Learning how to prioritize events in your life can be challenging to do, but learning to prioritize is key to helping you create a good balance while ensuring everything in your life gets done. Knowing how and when to direct your energy will be crucial in striking that healthy work/life balance.

Dr. Lindsay Kiriakos Details How and Why You Should Prioritize Your Health

In many instances, people only think about work and home when it comes to balancing their job and their family. What often gets overlooked is the time you need to set aside for yourself and your well-being. Some may consider making time for themselves and their health a waste of time, especially with a full plate. However, it is essential to recognize that separating your time away from others can be necessary. It will allow you to work out, give you time to decompress, and help alleviate stress.

Dr. Lindsay Kiriakos States You Need to Know the Importance of Unplugging or Walking Away

When finding a balance in work and life, knowing when to walk away and unplug is crucial. If a challenge you face becomes too consuming of your time, it can hurt your productivity. Do not allow yourself to be so involved that it hinders your work and your relationships in your personal life. Dr. Kiriakos believes that knowing when the right time to step away and give yourself a “break” will be the time you need to clear your mind and recalibrate your focus.

Dr. Lindsay Kiriakos Says You Need to Set Both Work and Home Goals to Create a Healthy Balance In Your Life

Setting goals and allowing yourself a finite amount of time to complete your obligations will set the tone for how you choose to balance your time. Lindsay shares his views on balance by stating that achieving goals on time can influence finding satisfaction in all aspects of your life. You will discover that although you are spending less time working, you will have better quality work when you do quality time in your home life.

Dr. Lindsay Kiriakos Lists the Reasons Why You Need to Know Your Limits and Not Be Afraid to Say No

Dr. Kiriakos would also like to share that being comfortable saying no can be important in finding a balance. It would help if you recognized that there might be times you may have over-extended yourself. Understanding your limits can go a long way if you take on a substantial project or lend a hand to a colleague. It is ok to acknowledge that perhaps you wouldn’t be able to give all your entire focus to the task, and it would be acceptable for you to pass politely.

Lindsay Kiriakos M.D., a psychiatrist who works hard to help others with their anxiety and stress management, knows how important it is to balance your work life and your home life. However, these days, people take on a ton of responsibility and then they find themselves struggling to create a healthy balance.

This creates more anxiety and worry, which can be bad for your overall health, as well as your mental health. However, having set work hours and sticking to those work hours, prioritizing important events in your life, making time for your own health, creating your own personal goals and knowing when to say no can all help you create the ideal work-life balance.

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