How to Launch Online Magazine for the Benefit of Your Business

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The Digital era determines new rules for reaching clients, including potential. It is difficult to argue that staying in touch with a target audience is a point of crucial importance for any entrepreneur who wants to build and keep one’s brand.

Doing this is about the pleasure of dealing with people – potential clients. But, it is also about generating revenues. So, starting an online magazine well is an important point in a nutshell. And there is good news – you will not be the first person who has decided to do this. There are already existing practices that can help to make your online magazine attractive and shine. Interested? Starting with the basic points…

What Is an Online Magazine?

An online magazine that is a source of information hosted online and dedicated to a specific area of interest or subject. This source is also called an e-zine and digital magazine. Its main purpose is sharing content with people interested in a specific subject or topic. But, this tool has also proven to be an effective route for monetization. Interested?

What Makes Digital Magazine Different from a Blog?

If you are wondering whether you need a digital magazine or a blog, what are the main differences between these sources of information, look through this checklist:

  • Articles in the blog are published when the author gets an order or has inspiration. Blogs in a digital magazine are published periodically (once a week or month, or quarter).
  • Blogs in articles are often customer-oriented and aimed at establishing a dialog with a reader. Articles in digital magazines are more neutral and even formal in tone.
  • Blogs are usually kept by one or a couple of persons only. Articles for a digital magazine are prepared by multiple authors who are professionals or industry experts.

Why an Online Magazine Is Important for Business?

To make a long story short – having an online magazine shows your expertise in the field and a professional approach to doing your work. Starting an online magazine is a decision that can level up your content strategy and make this noticeable to customers. You state in this way that you have something to share with, you have an expertise that distinguishes your company from others. You prove that with your content.

If you decide to carry out your own online magazine, you get a chance to reflect on your experience. This is a way to look at it from the third-person perspective. And this often encourages businessmen to reinvent or simply improve their own business strategies.

The more reviews you get – the better it is for your business and future conversion. You can monetize your online magazine. And you can simply get more customers as reviewers may reaffirm that your product or service is the exact one. The standard rule of connecting smoothly with a potential customer 3 to 5 times works amazingly in the case of an online magazine. And you will not irritate potential customers with excessive ads. 

What Do You Need to Do to Start Your E-zine and Succeed with That?

Of course, the concrete strategy for developing and promoting your digital magazine depends on your niche, products, and information you intend to provide. But, there are basic points considering which is important for all types of digital magazines. Having a plan is good and implementing that is always a route to creating successful online magazines with lots of reviewers. Let’s move step-by-step to explore that.

What Do You Want to Provide for Review?

Define the scope of expertise you are ready to share easily. Of course, you should not forget about competition in the market and be moderate about sharing any secrets. But, you should provide quality content at the same time. It should be meaningful and solve some minor problems potential and existing customers may have. You should form a view (and correspond that, of course), that your brand is the exact one that can solve a problem or simply make life easier. 

So, define the exact content you are ready to provide through your online magazine taking into account:

  • define real expertise you can share with – think about the value you can bring and your competitive advantages (make yourself distinct);
  • create an interest – propose minor solutions that can be helpful already and suggest more specific and complicated advice smoothly without direct ads, like describing the most significant challenges solving a more complicated problem may be associated with (if you can handle minor troubles and know about the aspects more complicated ones are associated with, you are likely can solve those more complicated ones too);
  • make content interesting to review – it must be well-structured, with the main idea clearly defined, with supporting arguments and examples where this is possible, illustrations, video materials.

Speaking about content, it is necessary to develop a content strategy and consider at least those aspects listed above. This will help to make the further work more purposeful and, what is more important, – select the right team for creating an online magazine.

Form a Team

As was stated before, the matter of handling an online magazine requires a predictable and stable approach to work. In this case, working with the creators of such an online magazine is a crucial aspect. What will you choose: staff employees or outsource making this online magazine to somebody professionals? How many people do you need to create and handle an online magazine? How many hours do persons involved need to devote to an online magazine business? How will you set the tasks and track the progress, and what is more important – provide feedback? Think about these questions beforehand and in detail.

Whom will you exactly need to create an e-zine? Of course, you will need writers and, perfectly, if you have at least one professional editor. This may be enough for the start. But, the best suggestion is to involve in the process professional designers also. The content will evolve for sure but there should be no big differences between those articles you place when you start handling your online magazine only and later.

If you have such an opportunity, involve a professional photographer. Of course, you may find copyright-free images on their respective platforms. But, it is better if you create photos for your services or products on your own.

Writing…and Editing

That is the most important thing and sometimes complicated one if you are doing it for the first time. At this point, it is a good idea to look through magazine-making websites to form an approximate view of what a magazine should look like. If you have a digital magazine template, you can easily adjust that taking into account your current needs and goals for making an online magazine.

Now, what do you need? Fill this adapted template with interesting content. Don’t rely on your expertise only – this source is not designated to promote your products or services only. It is about creating engaging content for your readers that, of course, is based on your expertise. There is one uniform thing for all types of online magazines – you need to make it flow. That should be some kind of relaxation for your readers. They should leave your magazine with the feeling that everything is possible to solve. 

At some points, adding interesting things is appropriate. Humor in minor amounts serves amazingly for making your readers engaged. Some statistical details work well. Providing content like telling a story will work well too. Think also about some distinct features that can form the style of your magazine.

While writing an article for this source, you should also note that it is necessary to plan the number of articles for an online magazine beforehand to have time for editing it. After the first draft of an article is ready, it is always better to set it aside for a couple of days at least, negotiate the details, and edit that piece of writing with fresh views. 

The design also Matters a Lot

The appearance of an online magazine is important for encouraging readers to stop and pay attention to your content. So, think about digital magazine layouts that can serve well for your source. Create your unique concept making it aesthetic for reviews. Think about the color and their combinations, distinct elements of an online magazine, and other features that can create its style. It is important to reaffirm that an online magazine is pleasant to look at for a long time without becoming tired or even exhausted. 

Software That Can Help

If you are wondering about how to create an online magazine in fact having a content strategy for it, you should know about specialized apps that can serve well for this purpose. There are many of such but the best digital magazine platforms usually provide many opportunities for convenient work. If you lack skills, don’t be afraid. These apps are good ones to try and use even intuitively:

  • Canva. This app is a good one for beginners. It provides lots of templates in its library. The obvious benefit is that it is possible to take any template and amend it according to your needs. 
  • FlippingBook. This is an app suitable for making online magazines from PDFs. It can help with creating magazines comfortable for reviews on any device, provides good page-flip effects, customizes colors, and suggests different backgrounds. The opportunity of adding brand videos and relevant links is also foreseen.
  • Lucidpress. This is an easy-to-use application that enables creating multi-page layouts, arranging all brand-related materials, and building your magazines step-by-step. This app contains plenty of workable templates where most elements can be easily customized: colors, fonts, images, etc. 

Create Your Own Magazine App

It is also necessary to think about creating your own convenient app. It will be dedicated to your content entirely. If you decide to create a magazine app, this signifies your customer-oriented approach as most people read materials using their smartphones or tablets. Of course, developing your own app will require a bit more resources for involving professional software developers, why not try here​​. But, this thing promises to be rewarding.

At this point, it is always necessary to verify whether your content looks well for review using a smartphone. It should appear without any kinds of interruptions or similar inconveniences for readers.

Monetize and Promote

Think about the options to monetize your content. What are the easiest ways for doing that? Digital ads and website banners are the closest solutions. Think about brands and things you would like to deal with.

Creating an online magazine is never enough – you should also promote it. Optimize it for SEO first to make it maximally visible during potential searches. Newsletters and subscription discounts will also work well. Using social media accounts for sharing information about your magazine is another workable strategy for promoting it well.

Final Words

Launching and handling any informational sources with meaningful content for your readers is a good way for attracting their attention and making your customers. An online magazine is one of the best things that work for this purpose.

To launch it is necessary to pick specialized software that can help to create a magazine, develop your content strategy, and hire the right team for realizing it. Launching this source is a tool for pleasant communication with your audience and getting many rewards from that!

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