How to Leverage TikTok to Promote Business

Today, TikTok has become a very popular space for creative minds, especially for the younger ones. Because of this, companies must consider how to use TikTok to be present and drive positive results in their campaigns.

The average levels of engagement that can be experienced on Instagram and Facebook, with each post, are 4.7% and 3.2%, respectively. For this reason, companies seek to make the most of the different content formats to develop their marketing strategy through buy TikTok followers.

TikTok is an application for mobile devices that allows you to create and share short videos. For a couple of years, it has become a sensation for millions of young people worldwide. In addition, it is currently the most downloaded app.

For this reason, many organizations are using this application for their marketing actions, seeking to boost their strategies to obtain better and greater results. If the brand is targeting Centennials, TikTok may be the right platform to publicize a product or service, whether it’s launching an advertising campaign or working with influencers.

How to Use TikTok to Promote Your Brand

1. Create Organic Content

Before a company starts promoting on TikTok, you have to follow these tips:

  • Check the platform. As a brand, you should familiarize yourself with the platform. TikTok is a fun and informal network based on creating playback videos with popular themes. So, the first challenge is to see how the organization could integrate its brand and style in this type of content.
  • Fun content. It is important to develop content that is fun or entertaining, elements that work best in young audiences like the one that predominates on TikTok. One of the keys to the platform is spontaneity, so it is not necessary to create sophisticated or highly productive videos.

2. Launch a Campaign With Influencers

Considering that younger generations reject everything that is considered traditional advertising, working hand in hand with TikTok influencers is a great help to connect with them. While these influencers are still in their early stages, they already have a large audience.

Importantly, promoting a brand with influencers depends on leaders being able to find a user whose audience corresponds to the brand’s target audience. Fortunately, there are tools that allow companies to search for TikTok biographies, for example.

3. Use Advertising on TikTok

A great way to manage TikTok is through paid advertising. Right now, the platform has different types of ads, these are:

  • Native content ads in the feed. It is a format similar to the Instagram and Snapchat story ads. It also has clicks directed to a website or download from an app.
  • Brand Takeovers. This format allows brands to take control of the platform for a day, with images and videos with integrated links to landing pages.
  • Branded lenses. They are similar to Snapchat lenses. They are used by TikTok users to add them to their own content. It should be noted that to expand the reach of advertising, you can use targeting options to exactly reach the audience that the brand is looking for.

4. Launch a Challenge With a Hashtag

If you take a look at the TikTok trends you will realize that most of the hashtags are challenges set by and for the community. The idea at this point is to launch a challenge to promote the business brand. Remember that a challenge motivates users to recreate content by adding the appropriate tag in the post.

One of the first successful cases on this platform was that of the Guess brand, which launched a challenge and succeeded. His idea was to motivate users to create videos using one of their garments from a new clothing line that they launched on the market. The challenges of TikTok are of great help to promote the brand and boost interaction and engagement with the followers of the company.

TikTok: Success Stories of Some Brands

Different companies around the world have started using the TikTok, and several of them have achieved huge numbers of views. An example is the television program “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” that launched, in 2018, the #tumbleweed challenge, where participants had to post videos of them imitating a tumbleweed. Under the same program, more than 8,000 videos were uploaded that were viewed more than 9 million times.

Another notable success story is the #Winning RL campaign by fashion brand Ralph Lauren, which achieved more than 770 million views on the planet and countless scrolling videos generated by TikTok users. Also, most of these videos have thousands and thousands of interactions with other users, who did not necessarily perform the challenge.

Another example is the BBC, which launched a collaboration with 14-year-old influential twins Max and Harvey Mills for the children’s channel CBBC. McDonald’s and MTV are other large corporations that have used TikTok. The food chain did it for the #Big Mac TikTok Challenge contest in Malaysia, while the television network did it to broadcast the MTV European Music Awards by that means.

The great difference of TikTok with respect to other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram (two of the most popular) is manifested in the high participation rates generated on the aforementioned platform. One of the main benefits is the astronomical number of views, comments, and likes, which far exceed those of Snapchat or Instagram.

In conclusion, TikTok is an entertaining and addictive application that has grown considerably in the last two years. Therefore, it is essential that companies have a presence on the platform through valuable content, which creates a connection with customers and users directly, also companies can buy TikTok Followers which give an initial boost to posts engagement and help to get more follower. If you haven’t paid attention to TikTok yet, it’s time to do it.

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