How to Live a Stylish Life with Style Hard

Meytal Algranti, who studied Fashion Coordination and Styling at Ryerson University, has long been around the fashion world for a while. Algranti knows style. She is a fashion blogger, stylist, previous boutique owner, and now best known for her fashion YouTube channel Style Hard and her Instagram account @stylehard.

Take a look at her account, which has over 40k followers, and you’ll see that it is full of fashion videos and of Algranti modeling outfits. She loves to focus on share all of her fashion finds and beauty products. She knows that trends come and go, so keeping in tune with true fashion is what she is passionate about.

Algranti, born in Istanbul but now residing in Toronto, began assisting another stylist right after graduating from university. She worked on music videos and participated in collaborations with a plethora of artists. Algranti even styled shows at Toronto Fashion Week.

She began her own styling gigs. But then her family life, Algranti’s love and focal point started to become prominent. She opened up her own boutique, which she later sold. It was when she began her Instagram account that things really began to change for her, and she started focusing on sharing her style and her experience of working within the fashion industry. Many of her clients and customers from her boutique shop started to follow her online, spurring organic growth. 

The fashionista transforms her own living space into a private fashion show, connecting with her audience and bringing them into her home. She showcases what’s in her closet and what outfits she would wear to what cities, as well as putting together outfits from each decade.

Algranti even goes on to do mini-fashion shows that include leather jacket outfits or different getups that give off a unique vibe. While her content is always fashion-based, she also stays grounded by sharing her love for her husband and her two children. This is part of the appeal; Algranti may be a wife and mother, but that doesn’t mean fashion isn’t still important. 

But it isn’t just clothes that Algranti likes to focus on. When she says style, she means style in all shapes and forms. Sure, there is the clothing aspect of it all. But she also loves to share tips on lifestyle, home decor, perfume, makeup, and jewelry.

Algranti also shares the secrets to her skincare routine. As ever, she stays true to keeping connected to her followers by providing a tour of her home, talking about how to keep the home feeling fresh and stylish. 

This style maven also loves giving advice – and keeps it real. This includes the luxury items that people absolutely do not need and her least used designer bags – and she even goes into why she doesn’t use them. This is how you know that Algranti actually cares about style because she wants both herself – and her followers – to look the best that they can while also keeping it real.

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