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If you are familiar with Human Design, you may have already experienced its core beauty. This personality profiling system goes beyond personality right through the aura and into your energetic cosmic blueprint. In simple English- this is essentially permission to be YOU.

Most people who discover Human Design experience some form of shock when it first sinks in. Finally, who and specifically HOW you are operating and why some things don’t work for you make sense.

Personally, my biggest eye-opener was why certain strategies never worked in marketing my coaching business. I finally understood why even after working with brilliant coaches, I saw no sustainable results, left feeling full of resentment and bitterness and having no energy to get myself back on track.

Human Design was like a compass, showing me that despite my desire to go “North”, these strategies were pulling me “South” all this time. And it was not because they were wrong. Their direction was going “South” all the time, and this is how they found recognition and success. The simple difference was that their “way” was not MY WAY. And I really want to do things MY WAY, the way that feels easy, sustainable and profitable, while still allowing me to show up in full authenticity – according to my own vision and not trying to be something I am not.

I think this feeling is familiar to most solopreneurs out there. I have been successfully strategising and helping businesses in all walks of life to create magnetic online visibility ever since the early 2000s. But when it came to promoting my own business, things were different. They were too personal, and the shortcut to the sort of empowerment that would unlock my true genius marketing myself was somewhat missing.

To the world, I was very consistent and regularly created impactful content and helpful programs around organic marketing on Facebook. Inside I felt like a fraud because my own results did not match up to the results of those I was guiding.

Human design held a simple answer in one of my Gates. I was not here to DO, I was here to GUIDE, and I do not need to show results equal to those I help clients achieve because my gift is in seeing and knowing the OTHER. Not so much in applying it to myself.

The relief this gave me was enormous.

Look at any story, there is a hero in the story, and there is a wise guide. The guide does not slay the dragon, but he tells the hero how that can be achieved.

If you are born to be that wise guide, but you try to be a hero, the chances are that you may fail. The dragon will take one deep breath and reduce you to ashes. Because you had the knowledge, but you were not meant to apply this knowledge yourself. It was meant for someone else to implement your strategy.

And when I looked at every successful client I guided, it was painfully apparent that without working with me, they were lost, yet with my guidance, they took that action and created massive results.

That was how Human Design helped me to embody my purpose, my role in life and my business. Intuitively (I am a Splenic Projector), I always knew I was here to teach, mentor, strategise, organise. I was always great at training others, and I was always brilliant at mentoring people in difficult situations.

But I am also a practical person. I admit that I get motivated when there is a material gain attached to the passion, another Human Design reveal that made me feel at peace with being motivated by getting paid. There is a slight duality in the coaching world, where half of the coaching world screams about 20K months, and the other says it is not about money; it is about helping people and being of service. I generally find the coaching industry extremely noisy, full of conflicting messages hard to navigate, and not just for newbies.

And here is another Human Design win – it allowed me to completely stop getting carried away looking for the answers to my problems anywhere else but within. I truly believe that nobody is born broken, that we are here born (and carrying the cosmic imprint) of being in perfect alignment with our human lives and experiences. But we get unintentionally forced out of this alignment by our parents, schools and society – with their best intentions, of course, but with such devastating consequences.

We believe in things that are not true for us. We hide our gifts, but we truly shine only when we just choose to show up and talk about ourselves openly.

We believe we need to work “hard” when not all of us as designed to DO the work. Some are born to initiate ideas, and others (like me) to guide the doing.

When it comes to marketing, empowerment is everything!

It is the conviction in your voice when you create content for social media, blogging or writing an email to your list.

It is the electrifying exaltation you feel creating an aligned offer and then realising how transformational it is both for your clients and YOU.

It is the ease in sales conversations when your content did all the preselling, and you do not need to overcome objections or use any pushy persuading techniques, and you can literally have a human chat to just feel if the vibe is right.

Your Human Design Chart holds the keys to communicating your purpose, your unique selling point, how you are different from thousands of competitors out there. And it feels natural because you did not have to come up with something that sounds catchy but feels strange.

And it makes showing up as a Personal Brand – the most powerful marketing strategy – EASY! (Just look at Gary Vee!) No, you do not need to become Gary Vee, you are perfect the way you are, but owning that right, embodying your design – that is when your brand voice becomes magnetic, your sales funnels get filled with correct people (both for your offer and you), with people who get results from working with you, who rave about you to their own friends and followers, and spread the word about your programs…

In other words, you get to market yourself in a way that feels like you are truly SEEN, and you get the recognition you deserve and the opportunities and doors open to you easily. Isn’t that amazing.

And this is what a touch of Human Design can create in your business and in your life. You can start with creating your human design chart (there are several great places online, I prefer for their simplicity). Or you can reach out, and we can look into it together.

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