How To Make Viral Content Within Your Niche With Marc Kleinman

Everyone wants to go viral. But are you in a niche where the content is dry? And you want to produce valuable viral content that will fascinate your audience? That is a good dream! Viral content often does not happen by chance; you need to impress your audience for them to share your content. Viral content comprises strong content, a great hook, and an understanding of what your audience wants to see. It’s also important to make your content as visual as possible. 

Positive content tends to resonate with people more than negative content. Still, how does one create viral content in such a saturated digital market that is tougher than ever? Marc Kleinman, a professional poker player for 17 years, shares insightful tips. Here are some of them; 

  • Have Strong Content

Strong content starts with information that your following will find interesting, relevant, and entertaining. At this point, your language is also very important. Ensure that your content is easy to understand for your audience. Additionally, your content needs to create an emotional connection with your audience if you want to foster engagement. It would help if you also were consistent. Inconsistencies confuse your followers. 

Marc Kleinman started making strong content in 2017. His content went viral like a flame, and people were able to discover him easily. They quickly noticed his skills and became intrigued by his content. He gained more followers and watchers, which allowed him to gain more recognition, and that helped his other content go viral. 

Therefore, if you ever dream of making your content go viral, ensure you have created strong content. 

  • Great Hook 

Your content should promise a reaction. Also, your content should be catchy. This content will prompt people to click on your content. You can create a compelling headline by including a few actionable pieces of information.

For example, Marc Kleinman has played over 3 million hands on the internet and won every month for 12 years straight. He has also played a total of 15k hours in casinos. Such information can be a great hook to his audience, who may want to know more about this great poker player. 

To make your content have a great hook, you can use your content to give or tell a story. Make your followers feel powerful and special. Also, leverage the fear of missing out as well as creating a feeling of belonging. You can also surprise your audience, use humor, and promise to help your audience achieve their goals. 

  • Understand What Your Audience Wants

Figuring out what your audience wants is a very powerful tool in ensuring your content goes viral. It would help if you spent a lot of time learning what your audience wants. Once you know your audience’s desires and motivations, you can go ahead and create the content they want. Knowing what your audience wants will steer you to get ahead and convert more of your target audience. 

In knowing your audience, feedback is going to be important. Feedback will improve your performance in creating quality content. Feedback will also motivate you to build better working relationships with your audience. 

  • Make Your Content Visual

Did you know that making your content visual will make your marketing campaigns interesting? That’s true. Adding visuals will help your audience to remain engaged. Making your content visual will also ensure that your brand is recognized.

Research done by Social Science Research Network has shown that 65% of people learn through visuals. Visual content will also increase website traffic, customer engagement as well as increase conversion rates. 

By making his content viral, Marc has become an iconic figure in the Poker industry. He commands a huge following who believe in his content. 

Are you a startup that wants to penetrate your niche with amazing content? Then you can embrace Marc Kleinman’s secrets on taking your content to the next level. Ensure you create strong content, have a great hook in your content, understand your audience. Moreover, you can also make your content visual. 

For more information on how you can make your content visual, you can connect with Marc Kleinman on Instagram.

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