How to Paint Doors with Spray Guns

Painting doors by hand is a time-consuming and very difficult task. It becomes more difficult when painting multiple doors. But painting doors with spray guns are easier and quicker to do than a brush and it looks great.

A spray gun, filled with the right paint and set with spray right tip size, gives the smoothest fine finish on doors. It saves much more time, money, and labor.

But how to paint doors with spray guns is a big challenge. This article will help you in this regard.

Why Paint Doors?

The doors are the important entryway to welcome the occupants and the visitors. When they get dirty and present a bad impression, they should be painted, so that they must look attractive and soothing to the eyes.

Which is the Best Spray Gun to Paint Doors?

There are many spray guns available in the market. You can pick the right one for this project. Most professional painters prefer HVLP spray guns for painting doors as they are regarded as the best paint sprayer for interior doors.

If you want to paint multiple doors, an airless spray gun can also be a good performer. But you always need a reliable spray gun.

What are the Necessary Materials to Paint doors and Spray Guns?

Before starting work, you should collect the following material.

  • Appropriate paint
  • Primer matching to the doors
  • Paint thinner, a bucket, and a stirring stick
  • Sandpaper of at least 200-250 grit
  • Masking tape
  • All protective equipment

Which tools are required to Paint Doors with Sprayers?

When you plan to paint doors with a spray gun, you need some necessary tools with you. You have to unscrew the doors, lift them from hinges, and arrange them for proper work. So there are some tools helpful for this.

  • A screwdriver set
  • An electric drill
  • Strong hinges
  • A lever to lift
  • A ladder
  • Putty knife
  • Paint scraper
  • Razor blade

How to Paint Doors with Spray Guns?

When you get ready to paint doors with a Wagner sprayer or other HVLP sprayer, follow these steps one by one.

1-Set up the Place to Paint

First of all, fix the place where you want to work, it is very important. If you have a lot of doors to paint, collect them in a corner room, arrange the electricity, remove all other luggage from the room, cover the floor and walls with a sheet to avoid overspray, and hang the doors respectively.

2-Set up the Doors for Paint

Next, set up the doors to paint easily. For this, take old boxes, sawhorses, folding tables, etc. Now place the doors on them, paint one side at a time, let them dry and then paint the other side.

But if you have hung the doors with a hook, you can paint both sides at one time

3-Prepare the Doors for Paint

If the doors are new, simply sand and prime them. But if they are already painted and are in rough condition, then first remove the old paint with a knife or razor blade to make it ready for paint.

4-Fill the Needed Place

Fill the holes, dents, gashes, gouges, and cracks with plaster palace, let it dry, and rag using good sanding paper so that it may get a smooth finish.

5-Paste Masking Tape on the Areas to keep Unpainted

While painting, there may be some areas of the doors you want to keep unpainted or paint with another color. Simply use masking tape to cover that place so that the paint may not leak.

6-Adjust the Spray Gun

After making the surface ready can you paint doors with spray paint? No, you will have to adjust your gun first. So do adjust the gun’s cup, nozzle, fan, and tip for getting the desired result.

 7-Apply the Primer

Apply the primer on the prepared surface of the door in an even coat, ensure complete coverage and allow it to dry before moving to the next step.

8-Sand the Primed Surface

Now sand the primed surface to smooth out any imperfections in it, caused by the primer. But make sure to sand it gently this time.

9-Prepare the Material

After setting it all right, take the paint quarter and add the proper thinner to it. Then stir the mixture with a stick until you get the proper viscosity.

10-Apply a Test Paint

When the doors are ready to apply paint, take a piece of cardboard or a waste plastic sheet and apply the paint. If it’s ok, move forward, but if there seems an issue, adjust your spray gun again until to set it right.

11- Apply Test Paint

Congratulations, now everything is ready, fill your gun, pull the trigger and paint the surface using the best spray tip for doors. Move your gun first vertically and then horizontally. Spray 2 to 3 coats of paint so that the entire surface can be covered.

 12- Remove the Masking Tape

After completing the paintwork, remove the masking tape carefully. You can use a razor blade or nail to peel up the edges of doors.

13-Let the Paint Dry

Now let your painted surface dry until the glossy coat of paint gets hard enough to use or install the doors.

14- Unhinge the Doors from Hinges

Now take the help of another person and unhinge the doors from hinges or stand them if you placed them with the support of something.


Painting doors with spray guns is quick, easy, and produces a professional result. But to spray painting interior doors near you, first, choose a multipurpose paint gun like the Home Right Super Finish Max or HVLP paint sprayer.

I can confidently say, that your question, about how to paint doors with a sprayer or paint gun won’t be there in your mind now.

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