How to Promote Instagram Page and go Viral Overnight

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The social space is evolving at a rapid pace. With dozens of brands jostling for space in a crowded market environment, it may not be easy to earn a top spot in the market if you do not understand the ropes.

Based on current  Instagram statistics, the visual ecosystem is already crowded with various brands jostling for space in the competitive world. To achieve good results with Instagram marketing, you have to change your approach to Instagram.

Even though there are various ways you can promote your Instagram page, you need to adopt an ideal strategy that resonates with your target audience. However, the major challenge is how to create content that can go viral.

The big question is, how can you promote your  Instagram page and go viral? Read on!

#1. Cross-Promote Your  Instagram Page

Cross promoting your content on other social media platforms is ideal in improving your  ROI out of your InstagramInstagram presence. For example, you can promote your Instagram content on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms to widen the scope of your audience.

While cross-promotion is a good idea, you have to consider terms of use as stipulated on various platforms. Unlike Instagram which fully embraces the use of hashtags, you have to use a slightly different approach for  Facebook.

All this can be made easy thanks to social media scheduling tools  that you can use to cross-promote your content on other platforms.

#2.People-Centric Content

Even though Instagram is a perfect place for generating sales, you can leverage the platform to share experiences. One of the most appealing aspects of Instagram is that brands can easily market their products without bombarding customers with sales messages.

Additionally, user-generated content like customer photos has become a gold mine for entrepreneurs. Typically, people not only feel appreciated when brands shout them out but customer photos attract potential buyers who may not be familiar with your brand.

To curate  Instagram content for maximum views, you must first select the right hashtags that can help you promote your brand.

#3. Use  Industry-Specific  Hashtags

Startups, medium and large brands should create the right hashtags to encourage sharing and promotion of content on behalf of their customers. As a consequence, followers use hashtags to share posts with their loyal customers.

Aside from using your hashtags, you should strive to incorporate community or more general hashtags that are specific to your industry. In other words, using the right hashtags makes it easy for your posts to be found based on various hashtags. That way, you not only increase your reach but also improve the chances of your content going viral.

#4.Tag brands, friends, and followers

Tagging is effective in promoting your  Instagram page. For example, you can tag people and friends which encourages promotion. Furthermore, you can also tag locations. Location-specific posts allow you to explore new potential fans and followers.

#5.Publish  Content  on site

When you feature Instagram content on-site you not only improve conversions but also increase chances of expanding your reach. Customers can easily understand and visualize a product when they see it live on your page. Why? Because when people see the products in real-life settings, they believe that the brand in question is credible.

Thus the rise of brands and lookbooks featuring user-generated content on product pages.

#6.Collaborate With  Influencers

Generally, Instagram offers a platform where brands can promote their products without shoving them in the faces of followers. Therefore influencer marketing offers the ultimate solution to widen your network and reach out to people who may not be available within your network.

Besides improving engagement and follower count, influencers command a huge following that you can use to increase the chances of content going viral. Once influencers share your content in their network, followers are likely to share within their network thereby unlocking the potential of going viral.

If you are struggling to expand your reach, then you should consider hiring an influencer to help you market your brand. To identify the right influencer for your brand, you can either search manually, use hashtags, or Instagram analytics tools.

#7.Run a Contest

Brands that run contests are likely to increase the number of followers by at least  70%. When you check around you will notice that brands that run contests or giveaways experience a spike in engagement on their  Instagram account.

Although contests are likely to attract followers interested in getting gifts, they can yield impressive results if done correctly. To ascertain whether a contest can yield good results for your brand, you should try out a one-time contest to rest the waters.

#8.Profile Optimization

As you put more effort into promoting your Instagram page for maximum views, you should invest time in profile optimization. The same applies to brands that intend to attract attention organically.

Some of the aspects that you need to consider in profile optimization include a compelling bio, an appealing profile picture, a trackable URL, and a branding hashtag.

You can also feature your phone number and an email address in case you are running a business account. To expand your outreach, you can tag other events and businesses.

#9.Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

You can leverage  Instagram  Stories to improve engagement and widen the scope of your audience. Used by over  500 million active users each day, the Instagram stories feature is ideal in publishing behind-the-scenes and user-generated content.

The good news about Instagram stories is that you do not have to worry about sharing perfect content since the aim is to share raw content that resonates well with the target audience.

To create unique content, you can use Instagram’s interactive features like  Quiz stickers for a more engaging  Instagram promo. To keep up with the new trends, you have to stay active with the latest features.

#10. Run a Paid Campaign

You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of paid Instagram promotion. Just like Facebook, you can leverage Instagram’s advertising features to run paid campaigns for your posts and increase your reach.

To succeed in Instagram promotion, simply familiarise yourself with  Instagram advertising features to get started. If you find it challenging to run successful Instagram campaigns, you can use Sprouts Instagram paid tools to get insight into your overall ROI. This lets you compare various campaigns to optimize them for maximum reach.

#11.Search Engine Optimization

Another trick that you can use for maximum reach is implementing search engine optimization for your Instagram content. For example, you can include the main keyword on the video Titles and hashtags.

Once you roll out a keyword strategy for your Instagram content, you are likely to get more traffic for your content and increase the chances of your content going viral. To achieve better results simply ensure you use high-ranking keywords to improve visibility on Google searches.


Promoting an Instagram page not only requires time but also effort. For your Instagram content to go viral, you have to have prior knowledge about your target market. That way, many people will be interested in viewing and sharing your content which increases the chances of your content going viral.

The bottom line is that you should create content that resonates well with the target population. Once you understand what your audience wants, it can be easier to create and share content that can attract tons of followers.

Are you still stuck on how to promote your Instagram page for maximum views? If not, then it’s high time you try out the tricks outlined in this article.

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