How to Raise Your Vibration to Alter Your Life’s Direction

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Are you living your best life right now, in this present moment? We all have potential, but most will never reach that point of complete fulfillment or satisfaction within their lifetime. Every single human being has the intuition to completely alter their reality.

It starts by attracting what you really want. Is it health, wealth, love, or happiness? For that to happen, you have to increase your vibrational frequency. There are different degrees of vibrational states, but the first thing you need to do is escape all comfort zones in your life.

I came to acknowledge the significance of raising your vibrational frequency and how to do it properly. I will explain some of the most beautiful ways to raise your vibration to live a more positive, satisfied life. By becoming the real you, you can also support others to do the same. This will lead humanity to become more loving and abundant. Remember, there will be failures, but that eventually will lead to success with continual learning and growth.

Your vibration affects your communications with others and your day-to-day behavior. Your vibrational state of being is responsible for creating and attracting circumstances, experiences, and certain people into your life. If you do not have the life that you desired, it may be time to start to learn how to shift your wavelength so that it matches your needs and dreams. Focus on your daily, weekly, yearly, and long-term goals, write it in a journal that you can look at every day and manifest within internally, and externally.

Being Mindful of Thought Patterns

Concentrate on the way you talk about yourself. The way you talk about other people, such as family, friends, and connections as well. Our mind watches everything we do subconsciously, which doesn’t stop. It picks up big things and the little details throughout your life. You’re not always aware of all the thoughts you’re expressing. But those thoughts equal your reality.

The thoughts, words, and movements all transmute into your current and future reality. Meditation and yoga are crucial and can raise your vibrational sense of self. It presents awareness of our thoughts and teaches us to let them go peacefully. When we become aware of our mind, thoughts, and current presence in this world. We can begin to forgive ourselves, and the universe.

Forgiving is a powerful way to raise your vibrational consciousness because there is nothing that can get you angry or resentful anymore. It allows you to release all the negative energy that you were holding on to in the past and present.

Understanding Chakra Focal Points

There is a notion of seven energy points in the human body called chakras. When energy flows freely through each chakra, health, happiness, love, awareness, and forgiveness are emitted.

If a chakra is hindered by negative emotional energy, illness and sickness can occur. Clearing and understanding your 7 chakras will raise your vibrational sense of self and support your health.

You will begin to understand your energy points better and be able to visualize your chakras activating, therefore letting go of bad emotions.

Root chakra — base of the spine — red
Sacral chakra — just below the navel — orange
Solar Plexus chakra — stomach area — yellow
Heart chakra — center of the chest — green
Throat chakra — base of the throat — blue
Third Eye chakra — forehead, just above the area between the eyes — indigo
Crown chakra — top of the head — violet

Start Being Truthfully Grateful

For whatever you have in your life, be extremely grateful for it. Being grateful begins to raise your vibration and attract beautiful things in life. Negative stories or emotions in your life can help you awaken and help you become a better person because of understanding.

It’s a lesson. You understand pain and grief can be turned around when you start looking around and being happy, and you’re alive in the environment you’re in. Be thankful for everything that has happened so far in your life, because everything happens for a reason and will continue to do so, based on decisions you make daily. Its synchronicity, within time and energy.

You will start to realize through time that it’s not about fast cars, money, vacations, watches or material objects. You will start seeing the beauty in the daily moments, with family, friends, connections, and your relationship. Do not let external items create happiness for you; you have to create it daily by seeing the art on the canvas, which is our world.

Create and Have Fun (Child-Like)

Express your inner-child. Let go of judgments to release your fear of what other people think, and do what you makes you happy till the end. Be a child again. Feel the power in all the little things, the sunrises, the sunsets, the flowers, smiles from strangers passing by. Appreciation of all the big and little things will help put you in a positive state of mind and will let your vibration rise. 

Once you understand that and get to that level of carefreeness. You will be unstoppable for life. No one can affect you or your peace. You create peace.

Stop Complaining & Cut Out Negativity

Please stop comparing what you don’t have or do have. Stop talking about other people. Stop talking about how you’re not good enough or too good. Focus that attention on daily activities, and let go of all these draining negative thought patterns.

Yes, everyone will feel down at some point, but don’t focus and put your energy on it. Negative talk sends us down into a cycle of continual bad behavior or actions, and the only way to get out is to feed the positive thoughts and let go of the ones holding you down.

You will only bring everyone else down, and that is not fun at all. Create positive energy wherever you go, and that will return back to you. It’s simple: if you start to hear negativity or are in the presence of it, please move away from it, or stay away as much as you can.

Fuel the Body Correctly & Environmental Awareness

Read ingredients on boxes, bags, everything. Spend time in your day to grocery shop. You will not raise your vibration and attract positivity if all you’re putting in your mouth is artificial crap that has no nutritional value. Eat whole foods that your body loves. You can eat whole foods without spending hours preparing it. It’s an ROI in the end and can increase life-span. Be sure to take the proper and credited supplements as well.

You have to want to eat better. In the end, we really are what we eat. A string of energy, mental clarity, and peace all starts with what we put into our bodies. The foods that we eat affect us on a physical and mental level. Be really mindful of what you put inside of you daily. It adds up at the end of the month, and year. Do not be fooled by commercials, gimmicks, or praises. It’s all marketing to get you to buy. Think freely, and eat well.

Let go of the mantras you’ve been telling yourself. Observe your thoughts instead of reacting with emotions in order to deal with it. Alter your environment. It’s who you listen to, what you eat, and who you are in the presence of every day. This will lead to living a more peaceful, loving life.


Everything is made of energy and vibrates at its very own frequency. The laptop, your water bottle, and your shoes consist of dense energy. You have a frequency. When people say that someone has good or bad energy, they are referring to that person’s frequency or vibration. What you think about and focus upon alters the vibrational wavelengths that you send into the world. Create it now, be the master, grow and learn. Help others, you will the best ROI, you’ve been waiting for.

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