How to Run an Instagram Audit On Your Account

How many of your Instagram users are real, fake or bots? IG audit tools can help you find out.

If you run a business account on Instagram, you can do daily Instagram audits to guarantee that you’re getting the most out of it. An Instagram audit encourages you to see how you’re on track to achieving your company’s objectives.

It then allows you to fine-tune your Instagram usage so that you remain on board. Otherwise, you may be wasting time and other money on unrelated activities to achieving your objectives.

The following are the measures you can take any time to run an Instagram audit on your account.

Set Your Objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Managing a business Instagram account is no different from any other business-related activity. If you don’t need to spend time on Instagram, you (or the employee to whom you assign social networking activity) will be best off doing something else.

Hopefully, you’ve already established objectives for your business. Whenever you do an Instagram review or audit of your business, make sure it aids you in making meaningful strides against your ultimate business objectives.

In certain instances, you’ll be using Instagram as part of the company’s communications strategy. As a result, you’ll want to double-check if your Instagram behavior aligns with your marketing objectives.

In other words, you want your Instagram operation to support your marketing objectives, which in turn support your overall company objectives.

For example, if you use your company’s Instagram account to post photos of you and your drinking friends, you’re not meeting your target of being professional.

Similarly, whether you set a campaign target to regularly use your brand’s colors yet don’t do it on your Instagram page, you aren’t achieving your objectives.

If you’re rushing to meet your regular Instagram post limit, it’s possible to lose sight of your ultimate objectives. One of the reasons that a routine audit is so essential for getting you back on track.

Examine the Aesthetics, Branding, and Tone

Since you try to express a certain image style to your followers, a company Instagram account sometimes varies from a personal one. This picture would correspond to how you want people to see your business. Perhaps you want to come across as professional, or perhaps you want to be polite and approachable.

Take a peek at your Instagram account in general, like your picture, favorite color scheme, the vocabulary used, picture form posted, captions, hashtags, and how you communicate with your followers. Anything should complement your favorite sound and be compatible with your brand.

In the end, you want your Instagram site to look and sound the same as the majority of your company’s media platforms. A new follower should look at your profile and immediately recognize who you are, what you stand for, and the kind of content you post.

If your company has a branding guide, make sure your Instagram account – or every other type of branding – follows it.

Examine Your Profile

One of the most valuable pieces of Instagram bio is your profile. Because it won’t be very long, you’ll want to make every word count. You must ensure that it matches your preferred branding and tone, just as you must with everything else.

Again, you want your bio to be consistent with the rest of your social media profiles. The content might not be identical, but the intent needs to remain the same.

You’ll want it to say everything there is to know about your company in only a few sentences. Even if you want a formal tone, you can keep your bio simple. Briefly describe what you do.

As a rule, the profile picture should be your current business logo. Ensure it’s the right size for Instagram – 180×180 px is the perfect layout for both web and mobile.

Your page name will appear under your username. If you could use your brand as your username, you could then use your tagline as your page name. If you can’t get the brand name to work as a username, you can write it there instead.

For your bio, you have 150 characters. This would be many people’s first impression of you, so make it a good one. It should be consistent with all of the social media channels. Make sure it’s written with the appropriate tone and conveys the information you intend to share about yourself.

Unlike most other social networking platforms, Instagram does not have a different cover picture. Instead, you’re presented with a slideshow of the most recent submitted images.

Examining your website connection is one of the most crucial tasks you can do. Make the most of the one spot on Instagram where you can put a clickable connection, so take advantage of it.

Rather than linking to a generic home page, it’s always more practical to connect to a custom landing page. Examine the new objectives once more. Direct your Instagram followers where you want them to go.

Make sure the captions and posts are consistent

The most popular businesses on Instagram don’t just share randomly. They write articles that are related to their present objectives. Posts have a similar look and sound and say a consistent narrative.

From every message, your audience should be able to grasp what you have to say. Examine the most popular articles carefully. Do they all say the same story? Do they have the same aesthetics and branding as the ones you had before?

Your posts should be linked together in some way. You don’t want them to be disorganized. Every post should help you get closer to your target in some way. The photos you choose can all adopt a similar template.

It’s possible that they only cover a certain number of topics. It may be the shades you’re using. It may also just be the aesthetics of the photos you’ve chosen to post. You want the content’s style to stick out as uniquely yours.

It’s worth going through those specific posts again when you’re doing your Instagram audit. Make sure the captions are right. Can they complement your image’s tone as well as your overall goals?

Keep an eye out on those posts that aren’t doing well. Consider if those updates have had fewer likes and shares. Is it possible that something is wrong with them? Is there a certain kind of post that resonates less with your audience?

How Do You Use Hashtags?

Hashtags are important for growing the audience. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags, with 20 seeming to be the sweet spot.

However, you must use hashtags that are relevant to the picture or video you’re posting. Instagram has a dim view of accounts that use the same hashtags in all of their posts.

Check that you’ve been utilizing, however varying, hashtags in your previous Instagram posts as part of your Instagram audit.

Ideally, you can come up with some hashtags that are exclusive to your business. Eventually, you should be able to persuade your viewers to use them in their posts.

Check for Fakes in your Followers

Take a good glance at your followers. Unfortunately, there are bogus Instagram followers that do little to improve the reputation of your account. Any time you conduct an Instagram audit, use a FREE Instagram Audit Tool like Famoid.

How’s Your Interaction with Your Followers?

Consider how you communicate and engage with your followers. Examine the most popular posts once more. Check to see how you’ve been reacting to feedback promptly and engaging in real exchanges with your followers.

Do you like and share the post they publish? Remember that you can’t only broadcast yours; you must share other people’s posts as well.

Check to see that you’re replying to your direct messages and not giving the impression that you’re ignoring followers’ DMs.

How Using an IG Audit Tool Can Help Your User Engagement

Examine the pages you’re following. Are you following your industry’s influencers? Are you conversing with the influencers? The longer you engage with them, the more favorable their opinion of your brand would be.

Take notice of everything you can do to boost your Instagram account and its usage after you’ve completed the measures required for your Instagram audit and implement them immediately.

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