How to Scale Your Struggling E-Commerce Business With Nicola Napolitano

Since billions of people worldwide are on the internet, starting an e-commerce business is one of the most amazing things you can do. Most e-commerce businesses are growing because of the right types of strategies and content. It is easier to create a recognizable brand when your business scales, and it is much easier to make a sale after you have created a recognizable brand. Regardless of what you are selling, there is a high potential of being successful online. 

However, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses worldwide are struggling to keep their doors open. Scaling your e-commerce business in this economy might seem hard. However, you will find companies in this industry adapting to the challenging environment and scaling significantly. Therefore, If you would like to join the status of such companies that aren’t allowing the pandemic to stand in their way, practice the following tips on how to scale your struggling e-commerce business.

Engage With Influencers to Market Your Product

Engaging with influencers to market products is one of the secrets that successful entrepreneurs use to build multi-million dollar businesses online. Influencer marketing involves trust. A customer is likely to buy something if he/she follows someone they trust. Therefore, if you want to scale your e-commerce business, make sure you assign a portion of your marketing budget to get influencers to post about your product. Most customers tend to trust recommendations from influencers compared to other types of ads. 

If used correctly, influencer marketing can help an e-commerce business gain profit because it builds a reputation, increases loyalty, and increases sales. E-commerce is also a digital marketing strategy that makes it easier for your customers to shop. Most companies have integrated this strategy into their business because it gains revenue, and it is easy to track.

Understand the Journey of Your Customers

Different social media platforms may serve as your sales funnel depending on what product or service you sell. Make sure you understand what these sites are and how your customers interact with them. In other words, understand how customers discover your products/services on a social media ad and know what compels them to click the advertisement for more. Remember not to treat all social media sites the same; it is a common mistake that many e-commerce brands make; they think their customers are the same across all sites. Brands that make this mistake end up failing. Moreover, ensure you use different methods to market to each customer across the platforms and modify your strategies as needed.

Understanding your customers helps you know where, how, and when to market them. It drives retention, customer acquisition, and revenue for your organization. Another benefit of understanding your customer’s journey is increased ROI through more personalized messaging and better targeting. Other benefits include improved sales cycles and continued engagement with customers.

Utilize Free Traffic From Niche Websites

For you to scale and grow an e-commerce business, you must drive traffic to your site. It is advisable that you maximize utilizing the Google display network. These websites help in retargeting to increase sales and build a recognizable brand. The more traffic you have on your website, the more opportunities you have to generate more revenue and qualified leads in the business. You can drive more targeted traffic through creating videos, starting a YouTube channel, and setting up a social media schedule where you can share your content. The right traffic helps you fill up your sales funnel.

Build a Memorable Brand

Branding allows your customers to quickly understand what your company offers, how it differs from the competition, what it stands for, and how their lives can become better with the help of your product. Your brand message must convey the convenience your business provides, and as a result, it builds trust and loyalty. 

E-commerce expert Nicola Napolitano states “You have to create what others have not yet thought of, especially when it comes to marketing and branding. Try to always be one step ahead. Don’t leave out any details because the smallest detail can be fundamental”. Creativity is key if you want to be successful and especially if you want to stand out. 

Also, remember that communication and visual elements should be on point across all areas of marketing. An e-commerce business should have consistency with branding and quality control to help them attract new customers. It also increases the business value by providing the organization more leverage. Moreover, it creates trust within the marketplace and supports advertising.

Therefore, if you want to scale your e-commerce business, try the above four tips today.

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