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How to Sell Irresistibly in 2021 by Expert Erica Martin

There’s a difference between building a business that sucks the life out of you and building a life that is nourished by your business. 

Erica Martin, a former competitive athlete and one of the few females in the martial arts industry built multiple 7-figure businesses in industries that average $100k/year. Erica helps high-level female entrepreneurs win their race in life and business using cornerstone teachings from years in sports, including focus, self-discipline, confidence, leap of faiths, visualization, and goal setting, which has garnered success for herself and her clients. Her program “Sell Irresistibly” and “Irresistible Life” Sales Framework is all about how to build momentum, attract clients, and become wealthy without stress.
She says, “Getting clear about your “Irresistible offering” will attract amazing clients and grow your business faster than anything else. Enrolling people into their future selves changes lives, opens doors and produces incredible results. Breaking revenue barriers simply comes down to flow. The three keys to turning sales into magnetic conversations are 1) reimagine what’s possible, 2) create a mindblowing offer, and 3) do the scary thing.”
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More about Erica Martin – CEO @ Erica Martin Consulting
Erica Martin is a world class, high-ticket sales expert, entrepreneur, and international public speaker. She works with women who value their freedom and understand their deeper purpose to not just clear their hurdle but win their race. Her mission is to help female entrepreneurs build business momentum, attract ideal clients, and become wealthy without stress through mastery of tactical business and intuitive mindset strategies. Erica leads her clients through a process to orchestrate an aligned business that nourishes their lives, is surrounded by play, and is truly sustainable.

Written by Jay Feldman

Dr. Jay Feldman is an Osteopathic medical doctor, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of several successful companies such as Otter Public Relations, Instelite, and REX Fitness. In addition to running multiple businesses, he hosts the Mentors Collective Podcast where he teaches the secrets to business success and creating freedom. He maintains a strong social media presence with over 200,000 followers. Dr. Feldman was recently named International Business Times "Top Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020"

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