How to Shoot Photos at Home and to get Perfect Results

Due to current events, home photography has become really popular solution for many professional photographers, artists. Even regular people who stuck at home try to experiment with photos and look for the inspiration in them. Home photography is popular in modern social media as well. It’s always exciting to create something magical from what you have and to find something interesting in regular things.

Any fan of home photos can find a nice collection of pictures of interiors. Life pictures that was created at home are used in different areas and design projects. During self-isolation you can also try your own project of home photography and add wonderful pictures to your collection. After that don’t forget to download them on where you can find new admirers of your works. These tips and ideas will be useful both for a beginner and a well-experienced professional.

The proper light

Nice light is a key for a good exposure. You should find the balance of light taking your pictures. One can do that regardless of the model of the equipment that is used for photography.

Try to use natural light sources whenever it possible

Of course, shooting indoors and outdoors are incompatible since in the second case natural light is more available. But you can still find the daylight in your apartment. Natural light will help you to take wonderful photos. Work on your pictures during the so-called golden hour (after sunrise and before sunset), also you can try to work at the blue hour (before the sunset). You will be surprised with gorgeous results. Even if something is not ideal, you can always remove image background to fix a problem.

Don’t combine different types of light

Artificial light can be also good for your home pictures if you know how to use it properly. Small LED lamps will create miraculous and romantic atmosphere, as for table lamps, they are perfect for cozy home pictures. Pay attention that you shouldn’t use several kinds of lamps at the same time, in this case your photos will be unbalanced.

Don’t overuse flash

Use flash in dark spaces moderately, otherwise your pictures will be overexposed and unnatural. You will have to find another source of light if you take pictures at night. At the same time, it’s allowed to experiment with flash in well-lit areas for altering the shadows.

Remember about perspective and composition

Composition is a basic thing for any photo, it helps to get the balance. It’s important to pay attention to this phenomenon to add harmony and intrigue to your images.

Take steady shots

When you decide take pictures of your interior, you should try to make your shots straight. It’s very convenient to shoot with your phone because you can control the horizontal and vertical lines of your photo. The gridlines option in the settings of your camera will be also helpful. These straight lines, according to the rule of thirds, will help you to make the perfect composition.

Buy a tripod if you can afford it

A tripod is necessary to make your photos sharp and immovable. If you can buy this tool, do it, because it will help you to work with pleasure in different genres. Otherwise you can use the free online background remover to delete extra details and flaws.

Get a low shot for impressive results

Most people don’t realize how our world looks from the ground, this is common only for children. But sometimes it’s really gripping to look at things from this perspective. Try to find interesting angles and change your position. You can sit, kneel down or squat. Who knows, maybe you will get the perfect position for your perfect shots.

What to shoot in an apartment?

If you are fed up with shooting the home design, it’s time to get new original ideas for your hobby. Here you will find the list of the things you can shoot at home.

Still life is always creative

Still life is an almost unlimited genre for photographers. There are tens of things in your room that you can use as objects for still life shots. Practice on shooting these things with a different light and finally you will find a perfect light balance for your pictures.

Kitchen macro shooting

We are sure that your kitchen has a lot of things with a wonderful structure and shades. You can shoot some close-ups to get impressive results. Most of modern kitchens have shiny and smooth surfaces that will be the interesting backgrounds for your devises, wine glasses and other things. If anything, you can use the online background remover that will help you to get rid from undesirable details.

Use a DIY lightbox

This tip is actual for people who love to take pictures of their meals. A DIY lightbox will help to take the food photos to the next level. It’s easy to create – take a small lamp, a cardboard box and white sheets of paper. The impeccable white background will be perfect for food pictures, because the objects will stand out of other details.

Use your own filters

Your Instagram and other modern services give you a lot of color filters to make your photos brighter. But you can create your own DIY-filters using the thins at your hand. Use wine bottles because usually they have different interesting shades. You can try make shots through colored paper and plastic.

Try unusual and new techniques

There are a lot of ways to experiment with the background to make an original bokeh effect. You can take scrunched foil and add some light on it with a lamp. This way you will create a wonderful shiny background for your food. LED decorative light bulbs are perfect for making a bokeh effect. If you put them far away from your objects, you may catch wonderful bokeh bubbles and to shoot a close-up of a thing on this magical background.

The conclusions

Our self-isolation period can’t prevent us from the sparkling and interesting ideas of photography. Even if you don’t like to work indoors, you will find some inspiration in things that seem routine and boring. You can explore the house where you have grown and use different tools working in different genres.

Sometimes it’s even not necessary to use the expensive equipment, because you can create proper backgrounds with the help of regular things. If you want to get impressive results, be patient and make some efforts taking a lot of pictures. Improve your skills and stay at home and you will see that you can enjoy your hobby even in these limited conditions!


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