How to Solve Some of Entrepreneurship’s Most Complicated Problems

First of all, what is business?

Business is any activity that brings profit or is expected to. It can be a small startup with a few people, or it can grow into a giant enterprise with dozens or even hundreds of employees.

What influences business success? The unobvious but still essential factors. Many other questions in no time appear here. What impacts the profitability of a business? What are the factors shaping the company’s future? Will it continually grow and develop, or won’t it survive after a few unsuccessful attempts? Until now, it’s seemed impossible to predict all the possible scenarios. It might seem that working hard is enough to run a successful business. But, as the practice shows, it is not.

There are some unobvious but still essential factors influencing an ecosystem of each business. The success comes if a business owner consciously or unconsciously knows about them and masterfully manages them. Awareness of these essentials makes it possible to predict the future development or failure of each business regardless of its specifics or industry.

People are the number one factor influencing business success. Each employee contributes to the success or failure of a company. Each of them makes an influence, no matter what position they are in.

As you hear quite often, “our attitude towards life shapes things happening to us and surrounding us.” It affects your income indirectly, but always. Are you sure you realize that your attitude to life causes all the events happening to you and your business? Each business is a mirror reflecting a business owner’s personality.

All of your employees approach their lives in different ways. Being informed about the employee’s attitude to life (especially, not so obvious manifestations) allows you to forecast the company’s success or failure, no matter if you are a startup or a large enterprise.

If there are ‘cry-babies’ in a team, people who are continually complaining about the injustice of life, a business will be forced to face problems in the near future.

Entrepreneurs are people who have decided to start a business due to the desire to develop themselves and experience freedom. These are people who do not want to listen to anybody telling them what to do anymore. They want to be self-employed. 

Case 1 

Imagine that you are the CEO of a windows and doors installation company. You also have two sales managers, an accountant, four technology workers, and a person responsible for raw materials supply. You like a workflow, and things seem to be going well for a particular time. 

Suddenly, the business starts losing clients one by one. The orders are decreasing to an ever-possible minimum, and you earn only to cover taxes and salaries. The month-cycle crisis continues, repeating for the next six months, and it looks like a vicious circle. The advertising gives no results. What’s the reason for such a decline? Everything seemed to be organized well initially. 

How do the unresolved issues in personal relationships affect your business? Real cases from my counseling practice.

You might not know that, six months ago, your employee’s husband occupied a very high-paying job position, and their family income was expected to grow by three times. But it did not happen there. Your employee is an extremely conservative person burdened with many anchors for life stability. For this reason, she has unconsciously attempted to avoid receiving a higher income. She is merely afraid of dealing with big money.  

Meanwhile, one of your sales managers got to know that his mother was seriously ill, and due to a non-consoling diagnosis, she immediately needed expensive and continuous treatment. It meant he would lose the possibility to enjoy the money he was earning for a long time. His working motivation started quickly going down.

Does it sound unbelievable? The unity of the male and female personal life issues triggered the overall decline in the company’s revenues and put the business on a survival path.

The Solution

Let’s start from afar. Tell me who is nearby you, and I will tell you who you are thought to be for other people. People who are closely communicating with us have the biggest influence on us. 

Our parents are the first who impacts us the most. Our attitude to the relationships with our parents affects the way we approach other people, too. If you still keep the claims and insults of your mom deep inside yourself, you must often meet similar women creating plenty of problems for you. Despite the fact that it is unobvious or unbelievable, the root of the problem often lies in the conflict with your mother. You might ask how it is related to the business crisis mentioned above.

Do you remember the guy whose mother needs expensive treatment? The personal problem that happened to the employee indicates the fact that the employer has difficulties in his relationships with a mom too. To eliminate the employees’ negative influence on your business, you should improve relationships with your mother. Then, the energy potential which you get will smoothen the hard situation in a business.

Case 2

A young woman has just begun her entrepreneurship. She owns a large office which she rents out for a beauty salon. There are a few rooms rented by a manicurist, hairdresser, make-up artist, and a cosmetician.

The manicurist and hairdresser have agreed on sharing one room. Nobody predicted that a manicurist would make conflicts and behave so aggressively towards others there. She is renting this place for a few years.

Not to lose out on an income, the woman owning the office should rent out all the rooms. However, it very frequently happens that one of the beauty professionals stops renting a room, leaving two working places empty. It causes a difficult financial situation for a woman, and she barely makes ends meet. Sometimes, things have been going better for a while, but this short “prosperity” period has not continued longer than two months, followed by three or four months of total stagnation.

What has actually happened to this business? Has there ever been a period of growth here? Yes, there was. During the first year of the woman’s entrepreneurship, business was doing very well. There was not any confrontation between renters. Somebody could stop renting a place, but another person replaced him immediately, and the business flowed smoothly.

After a year of successful entrepreneurship, that woman ended a relationship with a man who bought that office for her. The woman is still feeling strong negative emotions towards this man and his ex-wife, because they have decided to revive their relationships. This unresolved issue in her personal life has been reflected in the situation with a confrontational manicurist, who is also dissatisfied with her relationships.

Business Reflects the Business Owner’s Emotional State

Do not expect that nothing will happen if you hide your pain and unresolved personal problems deep inside of yourself. The time will come that they appear, and they will inevitably start affecting your life and influencing the growth and profitability of your business.

The simple truth is that it is impossible to run a business successfully if you have not found the solutions for problems anchoring you in the past. Everything is interrelated. The root causes are often hidden in the most unexpected situations. I sincerely hope that the information I shared in this article and cases from my counseling practice will motivate you to look at things from a different angle.

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