How to Source Products From Overseas for e-commerce: Sourci

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It’s no secret that the world of e-commerce is booming, jumping to a whopping $26.7 billion industry since the pandemic hit in 2020. With many businesses forced to shift online during that time, it became a ‘virtual’ competition for customers amongst many brands, duking it out to sell more products and keep their business alive. 

That begs the question: what separates the great e-commerce brands, from the average ones? More often than not, it all comes down to the product. 

With competition at an all-time high and trust at an all-time low, shoppers are wary of where they shop online, as there are countless ‘dropshipping’ stores that sell a cheap and crappy product, marketed as a premium product, scoring the owner a massive margin, but very few satisfied customers. These are typically short term, cash-grab type businesses. 

What a lot of people trying to get into ecommerce don’t realise, is just how difficult it can be to find a high-quality product to sell. Typically, the first place people tend to look is Aliexpress, which definitely serves a purpose and can be useful to get an idea of products you could test. 

However, people all around the world have been burned massively by this platform in several ways. Quality control, language barriers, and untrustworthy suppliers are the 3 that have left dozens of budding entrepreneurs scratching their heads with empty pockets. 

So how do you find a trustworthy supplier, with great products and top margins? You need a product sourcing company. Meet Sourci

Australian-based product-sourcing and manufacturing company, Sourci has drastically improved the ecommerce experience for those looking to source products from overseas, but have a local team acting on their behalf. 

Whether you’re looking to build an e-commerce brand online, or already have an existing business and are looking to take your product to the next level, Sourci are here to help. 

As already mentioned, quality control, time constraints, language barriers and mitigating financial risks are all highly important things to consider when sourcing products, and is exactly where finding a great sourcing company such as Sourci, is of utmost importance. 

Having sourced over a whopping $43M in products in the last 3 years, Sourci are global front-runners of product sourcing, and have ensured their clients needs are met time and time again. With plans of expansion and doing a capital raise in 2022, Sourci has a proven track record of delivering results – without breaking the bank.

Sourci is positioned to become Australia’s leading DTC & Ecom sourcing company, with its services now revolving around packaging, distribution, finance for inventory and other services that better support the eCommerce space. 

If you’re looking to start in e-commerce or take your brand to the next level, look no further than Sourci. 

Visit their website here or their Instagram to learn more.

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