How to Start a Profitable Animal Breeding Business

Due to the valuable benefits and performance of this animal and the high price of trained dogs, the number of people who are interested in breeding and keeping dogs is increasing every day, and the market for buying and selling this animal is also hot. Thus, many people are looking for an opportunity to invest and create employment in the field that setting up a dog farm can be very lucrative, although its establishment requires sufficient capital and experience.

Setting up a dog farm requires essentials and facilities, one of the most important of which is finding a suitable location. The place where the dogs are bred should be away from residential areas so that there is no protest; But in general, the costs that are invested in setting up a dog breeding farm are in two parts: construction of buildings and construction of space and places in accordance with international standards, and the other is the use and construction of equipment and supplies, purchase of animals, food, etc.

It is important to note that the breeder must first go through the process of obtaining a dog breeding license before obtaining a dog breeding farm and obtain a dog breeding license. Also, having an economic justification plan in order to examine the required capital, costs and other financial and technical indicators is one of the necessities of establishing a dog breeding unit.

Steps to obtain a dog breeding license:

The breeder needs to obtain the necessary permits in order to be able to use bank facilities such as loans and continue his breeding work in peace.

The conditions of the dog breeding license are as follows:

  • The applicant must submit their application to the Environmental Protection Agency together with the written justification plan.
  • Upon request, a file is formed for evaluation.
  • Preliminary examination and technical expertise of the applicant’s written request: which will be referred to the Agricultural Jihad Organization or the Central Organization if the documents are complete.
  • Sending the applicant’s application and plan to the secretariat of the relevant bodies: that these bodies must announce their response to the rejection or approval of the applicant’s application to the technical committee of the secretariat within a maximum of ten days.
  • If the applicant’s request is approved by the Technical Secretariat and if the relevant plan is justifiable, the General Directorate of Coordination of the Guard, Provincial Affairs must notify the Environmental Protection Organization of its consent.
  • Finally, the General Department of Environmental Protection of the province will issue a license to operate the unit.
  • In case the technical committee does not agree with the applicant’s plan, the applicant will be notified in writing by the Environmental Protection Organization.

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