How to Start a Young Entrepreneurs Book Club

Inspired to start your own book club? From one young entrepreneur to another – education outside of the classroom is essential to growing as a business person. Whether you choose to read my book or choose from the hundreds of other value-packed entrepreneurship reads, it’s important to constantly learn new things.

Here are some ideas on how to create a successful entrepreneurship book club amongst your peers:

Find dedicated members

Whether you want to host a book club for a small group or bring together a larger group of young entrepreneurs, the first step is to find out who will be involved. Although there are pluses and minuses to both bigger and smaller groups, I typically recommend petite gatherings. They can be more intimate and allow you to connect and learn a lot more from your book club and its members.

Set strict guidelines and goals

I hate to be the “bad guy” but if you want your peers to take this seriously, it’s beneficial to set guidelines and goals that you and your group agree to stick to. Whether your goals are reading the book in a certain amount of time or simply breaking out of your comfort zone, make sure you set some before you start reading!

Pick your book

Picking your first book is one of the harder things to do when starting a book club. To ensure you pick the right book that interests everyone, make sure you have a general understanding of everyone’s skill level in terms of entrepreneurship. For instance, for a younger group who are aspiring entrepreneurs and just getting started I’d recommend my book, Strictly Business: How to Crush it as a Young Entrepreneur as it directly correlates to pre-university students.

In addition to choosing a pick, ensure everyone is on the same page on how to access the book. Are you purchasing the e-book, hard copies, or accessing it another way?

Decide how and when your book club will meet.

During the pandemic, most events and clubs have moved online using video tools such as Zoom. If you prefer to host a book club that meets in person, consider how much space you’ll need. Here are some great spaces that typically have lots of seating: coffee shops, libraries, parks, restaurants, etc.

Set up a discussion that’s value-driven

The discussion is usually what makes or breaks a book club. In order to succeed, it’s important that you are prepared to create value-based conversations. Everyone should walk away (or close out their Zoom) and have learned something new. It’s not always about the content in the book directly, but rather the idea that allows you to dive deeper and create a meaningful discussion amongst your peers.

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