How to Survive Launches With Human Design

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Launching your offer can be terrifying. And it is not only about the fear of not making any money. Even successful financially, a launch can leave you overwhelmed and burnt out.

If you are a coach or an expert who keeps their business streamlined to solopreneurship, this can leave a very unpleasant and lingering “aftertaste,” making you want to postpone the next time you need to promote an offer.

And who can blame you?

That twenty-four-seven roller-coaster of emotions that affects your mental and often physical wellbeing is tough. The trauma of an array of fears and insecurities persistently dominating your mind is deep.

We live in a world where attaching your worth to numeric values is commonly accepted. But is it really true?

Are your self-worth and value you bring to everyone in your world really determined by the number of clients you enrolled or an amount in your bank account at the end of the launch?

Personally, I used to feel so depleted and stressed even after super successful launches. I simply couldn’t find any joy to celebrate my successes. Instead, I used to feel a sense of temporary relief, you know, the kind of a protagonist feels in a horror movie when they escape the villain. Still, we know there is more ahead because it has only been forty-five minutes and the film is two hours long…

And I wish I could now say, “everything changed when I discovered…”. But it would be a lie. However, I can use the words of an Artist Previously Known as Prince to tell you… There’s something else!

Where I found real support that helped me navigate the emotional storms during my launches was slightly unexpected but very powerful. I have been experimenting with Human Design for several years. In the last year, I have been using it as a tool as a Visibility Strategist.

Not only does it help us determine how we can show up as a Brand online in complete authenticity and find the safety and ease. Not only does it serve as a compass determining what marketing strategies and tactics are correct for us, what areas of digital marketing are the most aligned for us. Not only does it point to the right answer if building a community can work for our personality, or we are better off embracing the “lone wolf ‘positioning and focusing on publicity instead.

Human Design helps survive launches. It can highlight specific triggers and fears we have around money, self-worth, direction, and rejection and reframe them in an empowering way.

The idea behind Human Design is simple. We are imprinted with a certain definition at birth that gives us access to consistent energies we broadcast in the world and allows us to sample the energies of others.

When we master the awareness of our energetics and how we interact with others in our world, we can recalibrate our decision-making, our body wisdom, and the energetic influences in the way that helps us achieve more joy, peace, satisfaction, or success (whatever the “signature” feeling indicates our alignment.)

With launches, if we do not have a consistent definition (or we are defined but not in alignment with) in areas responsible for setting and achieving targets, knowing when enough is enough, self-value and self-worth, emotional expression, clarity on our ideas and inspirations – this is when we enter that horror movie scenario during the launch.

Being able to recognize the non-self themes and reframe them in an empowering way is what Human Design is key to aligned marketing.

For example, you may be feeling like you have to be keeping up with everyone else, have a massive launch like that coach you follow, create these super-sharp graphics, and write dozens of promotional posts and emails. You feel like you cannot relax until you finish all on your list. But it all could be because an undefined or Open Root center in your Human Design is putting this pressure on you.

Instead, you could lean back into knowing that it is OK to slow down and stop working and seeing that relaxing is part of what you indeed require, even more during a launch. You can show others that it is OK to be relaxed and not push against their limits. You can rest, and you can still make money.

It is all about self-empowerment and letting go of the pressure to compete, to make your emotional experiences determined by money, seeing it for what it is – just money.

And you will make what you want and probably more if you have a great, empowered, abundant mindset around it – particularly during the launches.

What this brings into my life is priceless. I am finally feeling that I can overcome the culture of hustle and grind, the “pressure to sell,” and lean into the joy of receiving as I am focusing on the energy of giving, not getting, and being re-given right back.

Finally, this lets me celebrate when my launches are finished and find inspiration to create new products and offers. I can now notice little things that before got drowned in the fears and emotional mess that I endured for weeks at a time. Looking into my Human Design and the areas where I am misaligned with my gifts and strengths did that for me (and this is what I am helping my clients with nowadays).

Is it possible for you too? Undoubtedly so. But you have to be prepared to let go of the firm grip on your current beliefs about money, what it takes to make it and how much you deserve it.

Spoiler alert – you may even fall in love with launches when you do!

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