How to Take a Good Selfie

Taking a selfie has become something very normal and routine, we have almost forgotten that Oscar gala where he became famous all over the world. And it is very easy to take a photo without the help of third parties. And on top of that, you don’t have to be a supermodel to do well. But yes, making the perfect selfie is not an easy task. Take note, we give you the keys!

Good lighting, essential for taking a good selfie

In the world of photography, good lighting is absolutely everything. If you want a cool photo, try to have the best possible light, and try to put the spotlight in front of you, and not behind, as the photo will be very dark. And if it is natural light, it will allow you to achieve incredible results in your photographs.

Use the best camera

Using the front camera of your mobile to take your selfies is the most comfortable and easy since you can see yourself on the screen, but keep in mind that these photos are usually of lower quality and you will need more light. Also, the front camera lens can sometimes distort the image, creating the so-called fisheye effect.

If even with more lighting you don’t get the desired result, use the rear camera, it is a bit more difficult, but with a little practice, you will master it.

Zoom out as far as possible

Do not hold your mobile too close to your face, the imperfections could be too visible, and that is not what we want. Place the semi-flexed arm to prevent it from being in the photo, you are the protagonist! and make it as long as you can.

Find your best profile to always come out well

Practice until you get your best profile, right or left, left or right, look for your good side!

Keep in mind that if you take the photo from too low it may seem that you have a double chin and if you do it from too high, your head will be too big. Ideally, just above your eyes, turning your head slightly, and tilting it to the side.

Another trick, do not to look directly at the camera, but at the corners of it or the mobile.

Say goodbye to sniffles in a selfie

If you want an original selfie, avoid putting duck snouts, they have long gone out of fashion! The best poses for taking selfies are those in which you appear relaxed, natural, and spontaneous. Basin Reboot is one of the best sites who provide perfect tips, How to make Selfies with Dorian Rossini?

Take care of the background of your photo

Even if it is well lit, the bathroom is not the best place to take a selfie. Be especially careful with what comes out from behind because it can spoil your photo. Always try to find a nice background that brings harmony to the image.

Take lots of selfies

Don’t settle for just one. Take lots of photos. It is the best way to learn how to take perfect selfies.

How to take full body selfies

If what you want is to show your outfit or your new figure, the idea is to take a selfie in the mirror. To do this you will have to look for a mirror in which you can be seen from head to toe. Be careful with the objects in the background, they can play tricks on you (more than one has lost their reputation for this).

A good trick to do well in these types of selfies is to turn your waist a little, place your free arm on your hips and lightly cross your legs.

Accessories to take original selfies

When talking about accessories for taking selfies, surely the first thing that comes to mind is the famous “selfie stick” which by the way, has already become somewhat outdated and out of fashion. But the truth is that countless accessories can help you get the perfect selfie. You can use gadgets that stick to the back of the mobile to better support it or a mini tripod with remote control.

Other options to give a different effect to your selfies are the lens kits. For example, a fisheye lens distorts the image creating an effect of vision through a sphere.

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