How to Take Control of Your Finances With Zoe Abbott

Are you struggling to manage your finances? Do you constantly find yourself overspending or investing so much in things that are of less value than others? For most millennials, financial planning is not at the forefront of their mind. However, for a better future, it would help if you started taking control of your finances. 

Zoe Abbott is a mentor and entrepreneur, helping others feel happy about their finances and succeed as it is her joy and success. Zoe strives to make money with people and not on people. As a result, she has helped thousands of individuals grow and be able to control their finances. Here is how you could take control of your finances.

  • Performing A Financial Needs Analysis

According to Zoe, the first step to taking control of your finances is performing a financial needs analysis. She goes ahead to give an example of when one is under financial stress, paying a bill can make you sweat.

It would be best to lay out your finances to know your current financial state and where you want to go financially. Check out your income and the needs to cater to first as you set your financial goals.

  • Making More Money

Zoe and her team do not tell people to cut back on what they do. She instead shows them how they can expand their reality to fit their dreams. According to her, you could keep cutting your expenses and still not have enough. She thus works out with the client how they could make more money.

The problem is a mental factor. Mental, because it could be associated with the FEAR of leaving a job that only pays you barely enough to get you through the month. She also helps clients go about lucrative side hustles or businesses to generate more income.

  • Spending Less Than You Make

This tip may sound cliché, but it is only reasonable that you spend less than what you earn. Many people spend equivalent or more to the amount they make. They are then left with a heap of debt from time to time.

You can examine your spending through a financial needs analysis. It would be best to do your financial computation to weigh your income and outflow. You need to ensure your economic cycle is stable, where expenditure does not surpass your income. 

  • Making Before Spending

People have insatiable desires. However, that desire to spend on something that will surpass your income will affect your finances, leading to financial stress or debt. Therefore, discipline is vital: you need not spend money until you earn it. Zoe says it’s much easier to make money now rather than to struggle to pay off your debt later while paying interest. 

  • Building Reserves 

According to Zoe, most people do not have the funds to handle life emergencies, such as health issues. This act may cost you so much more down the road. She, therefore, advises on building and setting aside a reserve account.

She advises on setting aside 10-20% of income towards savings. In fact, you should count savings as part of your expenditures or think of it as a bill. Pay yourself first and build reserves. 

  • Building Your Credit 

Abbott advises on establishing good credit in terms of timely payments of debts or leases. Having excellent credit allows individuals additional resources outside reserves in times of emergencies.

The best way to build credit is to use credit cards that you use during purchases while having the money set aside to pay them off each month fully. Then, when you establish your credit, you can quickly lease a car or buy a home. 

  • Avoid Spending Reserves

Zoe Abbott affirms that it is easier to make money in the present time than building up reserves after depletion. It would be best if you only used these funds in emergencies where it is the nearest available option.

Do not just spend savings when you desire certain items, as it will cause you financial crises in the long run. Savings are meant for security in times of dire urgency or meaningful investments. Adopt the habit of saving money monthly as you plan for your daily expenses. 


These are the habits Zoe Abbott uses with her clients to help them feel happy about their finances. She helps people live life to the fullest as they secure their future. That’s right! You could still enjoy your life now as you better your tomorrow.

Abbott is good at understanding human nature and has a love for people. That is how she gets through to people. She has an ability to connect with them to see what works for them, which gives her a unique positioning. You can reach out to Zoe on Instagram for more financial advice.

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