How to Tell if Your LLC is Properly Registered in California

California has long seen the importance of small businesses. With over 4.1 million small businesses, and approximately 7.2 million small business employees, California is a host to a dynamic and thriving small sector.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a self-employed small business, or a company that actively employs, now might just be the right time to consider registering your business. With a variety of benefits, you may be tantalized by the prospect of forming an LLC. There are many steps to take before you can be successfully registered, however there are resources available to help guide you through the process.

Once you have taken the first few steps, you might be wondering: how do I tell if my LLC is properly registered in California?

Is your LLC Properly Registered in California?

The Really Useful Information Company, or TRUiC, is a platform where you can find a large variety of information on how to form an LLC, as well as specific state guidelines. They are the top suggested website where you can learn more about LLC’s and business formation. They have provided a list of easy steps to follow to ensure that your LLC is registered:

Have you Followed the Naming Guidelines?

To be registered as an LLC in California, you need to choose a name that meets a list of criteria. First of all, your chosen name has to include the phrase, “Limited Liability Company.”

This can be abbreviated to LLC, or any other appropriate abbreviation. In addition to this, your name cannot include words that associate your business with a government entity. Similarly, there are restricted words that require more paperwork and a licensed professional to take part in your LLC.

Importantly, you need to ensure that your business name is not taken by another company. You can do this by searching by business name on the State of California Website. In conjunction to this, you must make sure that your business name is available as a web domain.

Failing to comply with the naming guidelines, can result in an unregistered LLC in California.

Have you Chosen a Registered Agent?

In California, you are required to appoint a Registered Agent for your LLC. A registered Agent is a person, or business entity, that is in charge of managing and receiving documentation that pertains to tax, lawsuits, and government.

To be a Registered Agent, you need to be a citizen of California, and eligible to work. Any individual within a company can be nominated as the Registered Agent.

Have you Filed your LLC Articles of Organization?

You are required to fill in and file Form LLC-1 – Articles of Organization in order to register as an LLC. Without this, you will not have officially registered your business as an LLC.

Have you Filed your Initial Statement of Information?

For your LLC to be properly registered, it is vital that you have filled in and filed form LLC-12, an initial statement of information, with the California Secretary of State.

Have you Created an LLC Operating Agreement in California?

It is mandatory for all business entities seeking to register an LLC, to complete an LLC Operating Agreement within California. An Operating Agreement is an outline that illustrates the ownership distribution, and business structure of the intended LLC.

Have you Received a California LLC EIN?

Employer Identification Number, or EIN, is a number that is provided to an LLC for tax purposes. This is another required step in ensuring that your LLC is properly registered in California.

Search for Peace of Mind

After you have completed and fulfilled the above criteria, there is one other step that you can take to get peace of mind over the registration of your LLC.

If you would like to, you can access the California Secretary of State website, and search for your LLC. If it pops up, your LLC is registered. Here you will be able to locate all your LLC documents and information about registration.


With the rise of the small business, you may want to begin the process of starting your own LLC. Whilst the steps to get there can feel daunting, there are many resources and services that can help you along the way.

TRUiC is one of the top platforms providing this service right now. You just have to ensure that your LLC is properly registered, by following the guidelines that TRUiC has formulated in such an easy-to-follow and coherent way.

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