How to Transition From Being an Employee to a Business Owner

We live in a time of endless possibilities, and for many people that means starting their own business. Fitness model and founder of Get Fit With Sav, Savannah Wright started her own business from scratch while working a full-time job.

Now, she is well known as a fitness influencer, workout coach, and model. Wright has some words of wisdom to share with other people who are trying to transition from being an employee to a business owner.

Find something you are passionate about – Wright has a lifelong passion for fitness and her business stemmed from pursuing that passion. She advises anyone starting a business to pick something they really love and can find fulfillment doing.

Learn how to juggle, do not quit your 9-5 – This is an especially important part of starting a business, and Wright stresses that she did not quit her traditional job until she was sure her business could support itself and generate enough income.

She juggled both for over a year, finding time on the weekends and in her downtime to build up her business. Work on the business on your days off, plan ahead so you have time to give it the attention it needs, but do not risk losing the financial stability of a traditional job.

Be consistent – Being consistent and reliable is a huge part of building up a trustworthy brand reputation, and Wright stresses how important it is to be consistent with both your message and efforts for your business.

Nothing is going to just happen overnight, you must work at it, dedicate yourself. Be available to build your business, interact with customers, and stay consistent and on-brand with your message.

Find a Business Model – Find a business model, something specific you can offer to people, for Wright that was creating a workout program, dedicated to supporting women who want to change their bodies through weightlifting. Whatever you can offer, a brand, a class, a community, find a business model you can build a foundation on.

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