How to Travel Across the U.S. for $213

Many people thought that a car was the only real way to see the breathtaking landscape of America. But one of the oldest forms of transportation may actually be a great (and economical) way to see the country!

That’s right, trains!

You can travel 3,400 miles cross-country for as little as $213. A longer, 15-day trip would only cost $429.

Derek Low recently took the trip on the Amtrak route and wrote about his experience.

The trip goes Emeryville (near San Francisco) to New York (Penn Station). You stop in Chicago and switch trains.


The real magic is looking out those train windows. You can see everything from the Sierra Nevadas to the Great Plains. That’s spread across 11 states and four time zones. His blog post proves that there’s tons of things to see from coast to coast right here in America.

Comparatively speaking, it would cost $5,000+ and a lot of waiting around at airports to fly into 11 states.

Traveling by train also gives you the advantage of being able to see the landscape on the move, rather than having to fly in, get a car, drive around, then fly back to the next destination. Or, if you are driving across country it’s no comparison. The railways have views that you just can’t see from the road.

You can read more about the epic journey and see photos at his blog.


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