How to Travel When you Have a Peanut Allergy

Traveling with any allergy is challenging. When it’s a serious one, it can potentially ruin your entire trip. For instance, if you visit a place where the cuisine contains peanuts, it might become stressful for you. In addition, there are high chances that you will eat only hotel food instead of sampling the street food. And that will make you feel that you have missed out a lot.

Flying is also a stressful experience. And if you have to fly with a peanut allergy, it can add to the stress. When you see people munching peanuts while on the flight, you might feel like changing your traveling plans. However, things need not be as scary as you make them to be.

Today, several people travel with their food allergies. Hence, you have to learn the ways of traveling with peanut allergies. Here are a few tips that you can use so that you have a hassle-free flying experience.

  1. You should check the airline policy–The airline policies concerning nut allergies can differ based on the carrier. Therefore, you should keep a check on the specific airline policy before any trip and check the suggested precautions.
  2. Get in touch with the airline in advance –You should contact the airline beforehand to document your allergy issue and make the staff aware of it. The staff, including the cabin attendants, will know about your allergy during the booking. In addition, it will help the ground staff to keep the peanuts away from the plane.
  3. Get your food –Some airlines offer nut-free meals. Just in case they don’t, you have the option of carrying your food with you. If you fail to get your food and the serving crew isn’t sure about the dish ingredients on the plane, it’s a smart call to avoid the food. It would help if you didn’t take any unwanted risks concerning the allergy.
  4. Carry your medical documents – Even though it’s not needed, but still it’s a smart call to get medical records for your allergy to the airport. It will carry a doctor’s note stating that you can fly with your medical condition. At times, airline carriers can blame you for not carrying a medical document for your nut allergy. It might occur to you even when you have informed the airline beforehand about your allergy. A doctor’s note is always helpful.
  5. Pre-board and clean –It’s always beneficial to pre-board and clean up the seating area with anti-allergen and anti-bacterial wipes for minimizing any scopes of allergic reaction. It is essential to opt-in for more safety when you are flying with a peanut allergy. In addition, you can make use of the several travel kits customized for you when you travel on a plane. It comprises sanitization wipes, seat cover, no-nuts sticker, and tray table covers to give you a healthier travel experience.

A peanut allergy can add extra hassles to your trip if you don’t take the required measures. So if you are someone with a nut allergy, fret not. You can opt-in for the tips mentioned above and travel securely.

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