James Neilson-Watt

How to Use Adversity to Fuel Your Success With James Neilson-Watt

He is a skilled healthcare professional and now an entrepreneur whose online program leads healthcare practice owners towards more clients and revenue.

James Neilson-Watt is a classic entrepreneur whose story rebounds from several failures to creating success by bridging the gap between healthcare and online marketing. James is the founder of Healthcare Business Secrets that helps healthcare practice owners to fill their practices with their ideal clients so they can generate more revenue and impact more people.

But before the celebrated success of his business, James had been struggling with severe generalized anxiety for most of his life and was financially unstable as a new graduate, stuck in a dead-end practice and struggling to pay his rent. When he purchased his first practice, he had to get a loan from his mother-in law to help him get started so that he and his now wife Delsey could stay in the country and not have to pursue jobs elsewhere.

James Neilson-Watt started his online training company ‘Healthcare Business Secrets’ in 2019 and in the span of only eight months, he grew the business to 7-figures. Moving forward, he has now helped thousands of healthcare professionals all over the world in numerous industries to transition from being underpaid practitioners to well-paid business owners. As a result, his clients have control over their income and lifestyle.

For James, his main goal is to provide knowledge to healthcare professionals to get and control the volume of clients that they have and not to rely on referrals or word of mouth which is initially the case for the majority of clients he works with. He is also disrupting the system by taking the power from the marketing gurus and giving it back to healthcare professionals and practice owners.

Inspired by his wife and sons to become a better person, James is also greatly influenced by Tony Robbins in becoming the most successful and fulfilled version of himself that sets him to achieve his goals.

As James says, “Success starts with your mindset and how you view your world. if you see your world as hard, if you see success as not attainable, if you can’t visualize yourself achieving your goals, then success is impossible. On the flip side, if you have a clear enough vision with strong enough reasons why you must achieve your goals, then nothing can stop you.”

Acknowledging your adversity and taking it as a lesson to learn and improve helped James Neilson-Watt to become successful. Today, James is running his multi 7-figure business being a father to two beautiful little boys and also hosts his own podcast The Healthcare Business Secrets Show where he talks about what’s working right now for health business owners who want to create more revenue, impact more people, and build businesses that work for their lifestyle.

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