How to Wear an Undershirt to Keep Your Work Outfits Looking Professional

You buy a T-Shirt at a concert, and sometimes you wear a T-Shirt to mow the lawn or go to the gym. T-Shirts are made for commemorating a corporate teamwork-building retreat and for lending to your favorite bedmate to a sleepover, occasionally, when there is no other handy PJs handy. 

However, an undershirt provides a cool, comfortable, and wrinkle-free base layer for your business wear. An undershirt is your soft, cottony friend that feels good to put on and helps you feel confident in the face of the day’s challenges. It is your insurance policy to look professional, even if you are sweating profusely. 

It helps you give a presentation without any anxious thoughts, even if you ran a half-marathon last weekend and you still have band-aids over both nipples from the aftermath of a chafing nightmare. The discrete layer of control you have lets you decide who gets to see just how much chest hair you are rocking underneath your shirt and tie.

Reasons To Wear An Undershirt For Comfort

Men who dress well know that the need for comfortable, well-made undershirts are essential to looking and feeling comfortable. Getting the correct size is very important, and finding a shirt that will not shrink and fade with laundering is also crucial. 

An undershirt that develops a soft, more comfortable feel with repeated launderings is a bonus – instead of an undershirt that simply develops into a threadbare, stretched out relic that is destined to be used for applying wax to your car after six months of use. Finding the perfect undershirt can be a challenge.

Signs Of A Good Undershirt

  1. It will soak up your sweat, even if you are a profuse sweater.
  2. It will be thick enough and slightly compress your skin to hide how much hair on your chest, the size of your nipples, or any other details about yourself that you do not feel the need to share the details of everyone else in the office.
  3. It will keep your shirts from becoming stained by deodorant, lotion, cologne, or anything else that you might apply to your skin.
  4. It keeps you warm if you tend to get too cold at work or on the job. And if you get erect nipples when you’re too cold, nobody will ever know.
  5. The fit will be so good that there is no sign that you are wearing any undershirt by looking at your shirt. No bulging areas and no tight regions that show the undershirt.

Putting On Your Big Boy Undershirt For Optimum Style

Graduating to a great fitting, the well-tailored undershirt is the first step to defining your classic style. Being well dressed never goes out of fashion, and having a comfortable, well made base layer will allow any pieces that you layer on top to drape correctly.   

Concealing anything that wasn’t meant to be put on public display is another mark of a great base layer, by absorbing sweat, body or skincare products, or anything else that might stain or damage the fabric of your more expensive separates such as button-up shirts, vests, sweaters, or suit jackets. 

One of the significant differences between a guy who “cleans up well” and a guy who looks as if he rolls out of bed looking confident and ready to take on any kind of challenge is a base layer that fits perfectly and also provides the wearer with the confidence that comes with knowing he consistently looks excellent in his clothes. 

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