How Top Streamer Lauren Alexis Overcome Adversity and Transformed Her Life

“Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards us.” — John Mitchell

It’s not what you are born with, what you grow up to be that determines the kind of life you will live. Many people are not lucky to be born into supportive families or have a financially well-off background.

However, many of them have proved their grit in chasing their dreams and overcoming every obstacle. By doing so, they can become an icon for others. Social media influencer, model, and mental health advocate Lauren Alexis is one of them. She overcame adversities and negativities around her to become a top social media creator on Instagram and YouTube. Here’s her story.

Lauren Alexis was only 4 when her father left the family of three children, making her mom a single parent. Lauren’s mother had an erratic way of upbringing the children, often leaving Lauren alone to take care of her younger siblings. The family moved to different cities making it even more difficult for Lauren to find a conducive and familiar environment to grow up in.

As a child, Lauren had to deal with several mental health problems where she often felt demeaned by others for her choices. Lauren realized that there was no one in her family, friends, or even in her close surroundings who understood her and believed in her choices. Lauren discovered her passion for modeling at the age of 13 but was forced to quit because of continuous objections from her family. She was always judged for her choices or for being herself.

At 16, Lauren recollected her confidence and decided to try and forge her own path. The internet soon became a place where she was free to express herself the way she wanted. Even this choice was ridiculed by her family and even neighbors. They desperately wanted her to pursue a 9 to 5 job rather than chasing a virtual dream. Lauren was discouraged from choosing a career as an influencer, as many considered it childish with no practical use. These constant setbacks further flamed her determination to prove everyone wrong around her with her success.

Today, Lauren is a prominent face on social media. She has over a million followers on Instagram and YouTube. She has collaborated with some of the popular creators on YouTube. She also creates content on Twitch, a popular American video streaming service. Lauren uses her popularity on social media to talk about important topics like mental health and body confidence. Having dealt with mental health issues throughout her youth, Lauren knows what a child goes through in such situations, and now helps others overcome these troubling issues.

At 18, Lauren started a new chapter in her life by restarting her career as a model. Her success as a model proved that her love for it never disappeared even after being discouraged and demeaned. Lauren’s accomplishments as an influencer on social media also came up with several challenges. Trolling comments and negativity of the people was initially disturbing for her, but she gradually learned to ignore it.

Lauren’s incredible story of pushing through adversities since childhood and adolescence have motivated many to follow her path. Besides inspiring people with her refined sense of fashion, Lauren has also supported and soothed several troubled minds on her way to becoming one of the top influencers.

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