How Two 17-Year-Olds Created Rising E-Commerce Store Zillionaire

Zillionaire is an e-commerce store that sells jewelry. No, not usual Indian jewelry but customized hip hop culture based accessories, making Zillionaire one of its kind in India. The founders of the startup, Aditya Fatehpuriya and Raghav Goyal are 17-year-olds who envisioned the hip hop culture coming to India and making it big. They understand their target group very well and try their best to meet all the customer expectations.

The relevance of jewelry in Hip Hop culture is quite high because it donates the “rags to riches” story very well. Hence, they saw the trend coming and picked up a niche that would survive well in the 21st century Indian Market.

Envisioning an idea and executing it well enough to capitalize it in just a few days of the launch is what these great young minds have achieved. The even more surprising fact is that Zillionaire launched amid the global pandemic and still managed to do wonders in the kind of sale and revenue is generated. No reminder would be required to let the world know that covid-19 was a time when even the biggest of the big companies faced losses and got shut down due to financial discrepancies. And this startup succeeding in such little time amid the pandemic says a lot about the founders, their amazing strategies and the fantastic analytical and executional skills. Both of them surely have a bright future to make and decorate.

Aditya and Raghav, both are teenagers which means that they rightly understand all the needs and requirements of the millennials and know what would work and what wouldn’t. Their understanding of the preferences of the young generation is one thing but their capability to pull off the startup in a way that it is all set to be among the top online stores in India is truly exemplary. Their hard work and smart strategy have got them a lot of media attraction and features, one of them being in the Cosmopolitan. And why wouldn’t it? They haven’t just executed a good idea but provide good quality luxury jewelry and customization service to convert each potential into a loyal customer. Hats off to the young founders!

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