How UNOWAY Became One Of New York’s Most Promising Young Talents

UNOWAY is making moves with his music

New York City has always been a place thriving with talent. A plethora of different sounds can track their influence back the concrete jungle. But within the walls of the concreate jungle, new sounds are always being created. The city sits as a centerpiece in the music industry, being the main base for many of the major labels.

One artist who has been working their way up in the New York underground scene is upcoming hip hop artist UNOWAY. Based out of Long Island, New York, the creative has been making a push since his debut to all streaming platforms back in 2018. The rising star has amassed well over 1 million streams to this day, collecting a large portion of those on his debut single “Pitstop”. The artist’s profile attracts anywhere between 30-50 thousand monthly listeners on average per month, meaning his music is being listened to often.

UNOWAY attributes the inspiration for his sound to artists like Roddy Rich, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, and The Weeknd. UNOWAY wants his fans to be able to relate to his music, hoping to reach a wider audience from his releases. “I want them to be able to identify themselves with some tracks, but for the most part just feel happy when listening to my songs,” said UNOWAY. UNOWAY is also a sound engineer, recording most of his songs himself rather than going to a studio.

UNOWAY recently made his debut of the new year with his newest single “Tina Turner”. The song has already been well received, and features unique flows, melodic rhymes, all layered over a drill based hip hop beat. This is a very New York inspired sound.

While nothing official has been announced, UNOWAY did mention that he is working on some new tracks that could be coming out soon. “I have my highly anticipated song “Cobra” dropping soon, & My debut album… TBD!”

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Written by Jeremy Morris

3. Jeremy Morris is a force in the marketing and PR world, serving thousands of musicians, brands, and entrepreneurs helping them grow their presence online. Starting his online career with the goal of growing his own page, Jeremy learned quickly what works in the industry and what doesn't. He used his past experiences and what was successful for him to be able to start helping others grow in the same fashions he did. Jeremy is currently an integral part of the company EveryDay Success Team, where the company focuses on all out growth and development for thousands of clients, whether its press, social media growth, app development, spotify playlisting, and much more.

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