How Unwana Etuk, Founder of Together Agency is Redefining Digital Success

There is no denying that the digital era is well under way. We no longer live in a world where we educate ourselves reading the Sunday newspaper or buy the latest products on TV shopping channels, digital dominance has made it necessary for more people to rely on the internet to look for the products and services that they need.

As business’s have been forced to innovate and meet the diminished demand in the market, the percentage of business conducted online has increased by 5% alone in 2020. This ongoing trend is simply expected to intensify in 2021 as measure taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have made it almost impossible to purchase a product or service in person.

Though the pandemic has been harmful in other ways for the business, it showed people that the internet was crucial to attracting people to business and that the internet could play a huge role in consuming content for every kind of business out there.

In fact, studies show that in the US alone a third of all consumers use the internet to search for businesses and 60% of millennials now make purchases online.

To tap into these revenue streams, more businesses have expanded their online presence, playing further upward pressure on the percentage of business conducted online, 64% of small business have a website and Shopify has seen an annual growth rate of a stunning 276%.

The proliferation of smartphone applications has also enabled users to seamlessly purchase products online, aiding in this astronomical growth in e-commerce.

In short, any online business that does not adapt to the internet and effectively use this platform risks losing out on the abundance of lucrative financial opportunities available in this changing digital age.

So, what do these internet business statistics teach us? And how can you put these lessons to use as you set up, optimise, and maintain your business’s online presence?

Well, step one for the 36% of small businesses that don’t have a website will be to invest in one now. Enter Unwana Etuk, also known as Francis, founder of Together Agency. Francis and his team of creative professionals, with decades of industry experience and the vast array of skills required to launch and grow your online business, have been operating before social media was even popular.

Through years of refining their invaluable industry expertise they have developed unique systems that are guaranteed to work for any brand and ensure that it thrives in the unruly online world. Francis and his Together Agency will help you build your online store and fast track you to generating sales and creating unparalleled profits.

However, as you’re formulating or improving your business’s online strategy, it’s crucial to understand that an online presence for your online business is so much more than simply setting up a domain.

A simple business website is not enough to get potential customers to convert, in reality 40% of users will turn to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile site experience and 85% will drop off of previously-liked website because of bad user experience or irrelevant advertising. So it’s time to start optimising.

This involves creating a virtual point of business where people can find useful information on your website and interact with you through social media networks.

Together Agency has partnered with 100s of personal and commercial brands in a variety of markets, including everything from crypto-currency advisory services, to launching successfully online, driving real growth, securing media coverage and gaining that little blue tick that will make all the difference for your digital reputation.

Francis and his team will guide you in utilising freedom from success in the digital world with the most ruthlessly effective platform for rapidly scaling businesses on planet earth; the internet.

In summary, Together Agency is so much more than a digital marketing strategy and is the answer to success for any small business with the drive to thrive in this digital age.

You can visit Together Agency Official website & follow Unwana Etuk on Instagram for more.

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