How up-and-Coming Hip Hop Artist $tackz is Handcrafting his Career to his Full Advantage

$tackz is putting his dream life together

From the early age of ten years old, $tackz has known that he was destined to be involved in the world of music. He came from humble beginnings in his Meridian, Mississippi home where he began recording in the closet of his family’s house. This speaks volumes to the type of hard work and dedication that $tackz has given to his craft and can’t go unnoticed.

Now, after fast-forwarding a couple of years, he has come a long way since the first full song got completed in his closet, and it is only going to continue to get better from here.

Continuing to progress in his career, $tackz is aiming to take his career to heights that he has never been to before. As an independent artist, he has to take on a large portion of the workload that it takes to get his career moving in the right direction, but he is starting to gain recognition and adding pieces to his team.

Currently, he works with a handful of producers including DJ.XO who has produced top 10 billboard hits, which is quite the company for this young artist to have around him.

With connections like that to top 10 producers, there is no telling who else $tackz will be able to collaborate with in the future as he continues to grow. He knows that now is a pivotal point in his career and he needs to continue to progress, or he’ll end up like many others who attempt to make it in the industry.

Something about $tackz feels different than all those other artists though, and it will begin to become more apparent as time goes on. He is truly in this for the long haul and will stop at nothing to transform his dreams into reality.

$tackz has his mind set on being one of the biggest artists in the game and there is doubt that if he stays the course that he will be able to accomplish just that. He has been relentlessly working on new music for his supportive fans and is excited to watch his songs have an impact on everyone who gives them a listen.

“My new project will release on October 5th! It’s about coming home from doing a year in prison & maintaining my family at the same time! It’s about coming from nothing,” says $tackz.

Anticipation builds as fans await the drop of his new project in October as it could be a huge steppingstone in $tackz career. It is going to be thrilling to watch it all unfold and to see where this young artist ends up. There’s no doubt that he is up to big things and this project will solidify his spot in the industry. Be sure to stay tuned as you’re not going to want to miss it all come together.

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