How Urban Silks is Creating a Positive Change in the World

How do you define change? It has to be something that disrupts the normal. And a positive one has to be something people are proud of, and yes, this brand, Urban Silks, makes silk wear in Toronto phenomenal.

Urban Silks is a South Asian ethnic clothing retailer based in Toronto, Canada, that sells Sarees, Salwars, Lenghas, Kurtis, Ethnic men’s wear, etc. Their clothing ranges from North Indian to South Indian styles.

They have clients mainly from Indian, Sri Lankan, and Bangladeshi origins. Urban Silks is a brand that is rapidly dominating its industry. Their goal is ethnic desi fashion at affordable prices. They take the fast-fashion approach similar to Zara, Shein, Fashion nova and bringing it to be South Asian fashion.

Urban Silks Foundation

Arjun Mano and his family own Urban Silks.  It all started in 2008. Arjun’s dad used to travel to India frequently for business. Whenever he came back from his trips, he would bring sarees for Arjun’s mother.

The sarees caught the attention of the mother’s friends who would want the same sarees. When it became a regular thing they thought, maybe its time to sell sarees from home. Arjun’s dad brought more sarees, and Arjun opened a Facebook page to showcase their selection. The word spread like a bush fire, leading to a steady flow of clients, which then lead to opening a retail store setting.


Urban Silks is one of the leaders in the Toronto market, having survived eight years in the highly competitive industry. There are always competitors emerging daily, but Urban Silks has managed to keep its balance. It is all thanks to its solid clientele that continues to grow daily.

They also have had the challenge of keeping up with the latest trends in South Asian fashion, which keeps changing. However, they managed to keep at par following their years of experience and their expert advisors in the fashion industry. As a result, they can keep up with the trends and anticipate changes in the south Asian fashion industry.

Leveraging Social Media 

Social media has been a great success propeller for Urban Silks. It has helped them know and see what the customers are into at the current time. It also helps them be in constant communication with their customers; thus, they can know what to purchase/manufacture to cater to their clients’ needs.

Urban Silks now has over 13,000 Facebook page likes and close to 2500 Instagram followers as of this Interview. Since the beginning, they have used Facebook to showcase their selections to make it easier for their customers to view their pieces from the comfort of their homes.

This act helped customers show up to their store with a picture of what they wanted to purchase. Many of their clients also started sharing the albums on their Facebook page, contributing to Urban Silks’ growth on their Facebook page. They have also indulged in paid advertising, but it is mainly word of mouth and the convenience of customers viewing their products online before stepping into the shop.

You can check them out at or on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok @urbansilks.

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