How Vandana Anchalia, Founder of KAW, Dedicated Her Life to Animal Protection and Welfare

Mahatma Gandhi said this popular quote and Vandana Anchalia is living these lines. Vandana, the finalist for Mrs. India 2020 runs a very humble initiative KAW. KAW stands for Kannan Animal Welfare. Vandana has been working for the KAW for the last 7 years now where she has saved many lives by providing the dogs the medical care they needed and along with that she has been quite successful in giving many dogs a permanent and loving home.

What inspired her to start this journey was the traumatic experience of seeing her neighbor beating a dog for no good reason. From there she kept looking out for needy animals and there has been no looking back from there. Initially, she saved 37 dogs but none of them survived which was heartbreaking for her. But it didn’t stop her. She went on and opened KAW which started off as a small center for 20 dogs that were rescued, and then it grew to be a home for 120 animals.

She visited other countries to learn how they treat their animals, so she could bring the same care for the strayed animals here as well. She also discovered that there is a decent demand for local dog breeds abroad and started undertaking the task of relocating them. Whereas transporting dogs via flights sounds like a hassle, she does this job flawlessly. 

The commitment she brings to the table is impeccable as she takes this job extremely seriously and makes sure to draw proper contracts before the adoption because of the uncertainty with the fact that the people just won’t keep the dog anymore.

Vandana recognized the need for a safe shelter for the animals and this realization led to the establishment of KAW as part of the Kannan Foundation in 2015.  

The determination and dedication of Vandana leads to the expansion of KAW. She stood firm with her ambitions and her goal to protect the animals. She aims to transform animal welfare in India & across the world in 2021. She wants to engage herself in rescue rehabilitation and rehoming work for animals all over Delhi-NCR. 

She dreams to develop a sustainable multi-species sanctuary with eco-friendly construction and resource usage in India.

She participated in Mrs. India World to raise awareness towards this issue and to highlight the animal cruelty behind health and beauty products. She successfully raised the issue and aware more people about this.

She was among the top 20 finalists and she won the honor of Mrs. Beyond People’s Choice at the Mrs. India Inc 2020-21 competition. The title awarded to her indicates just how much people resonated with her cause & dedication. Vandana hopes that this exposure will encourage more people to follow their dreams by choosing unconventional careers that they truly believe in.

In an age where we are self-involved and can’t get enough time for our own pets sometimes, she proves that nothing is impossible if you have a heart of gold. 

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