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How Versatile G Became a Young Mogul in the Entertainment Industry

Garrett Hardy has been connecting the dots for many different creatives in the entertainment industry.

Garrett Hardy, more famously known as Versatile G, is not a new face in the entertainment industry. The Maryland native has been making major strides in his career, moving from being an artist into more of a business role. A role that he has bodied, helping hundreds of musicians, creatives, and public figures get tapped in. He’s known for being a “dot connector.” 

Versatile G’s first encounter with the music industry came when he was just eight years old. He decided to record himself rapping on his iPhone to see what he would sound like. After showing his peers his newly recorded track, he decided to pursue music in a serious manner. He said, “I liked the attention and the feedback I received from my peers. Immediately, I started taking it more seriously; I started reaching out to people I knew who were connected that could help me develop my craft and help me develop as an artist.” He also got his feet wet doing commercials for a few Forbes top 100 companies such as children’s hospitals. This was when Versatile G started to build his vast connection base that is so vital to his success today. 

After spending a couple of years as an artist, Versatile G decided that he liked to work more behind the scenes. Taking his knowledge from being an artist, Versatile started pulling in others who needed his help. He began to spend a lot more time on social media, analyzing everything he could. He started picking up on different marketing tactics that have been so vital to many of his clients’ success today. Versatile G said, “As I spent more time on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc., I found that marketing and branding were my strong suits. I later realized that I could start monetizing from that. Most of my friends were artists or influencers that I would help out from time to time.” Versatile G realized that he could start helping his friends live their dreams while also making a living. He started to chase that vision.

Versatile G has stuck to that vision still today. He currently works as a talent manager for many different individuals, as well as an A&R for a few different labels. His job is to find talent and help that talent blossom. He takes ordinary people with talent and turns them into superstars. Lately, he’s been helping artists, brands, entrepreneurs, and public figures land on some of the world’s biggest publications. He’s also taken a more in-depth look into marketing strategies, platform algorithms & analytics. He’s on a constant grind to network and builds the tools he needs to help him and his talented clients succeed. 

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Versatile G is working his hardest to drive forward. His next focus is to continue to build his roster of talent he manages. Even though his days as an artist have come to an end, he’s found exactly what he’s meant to be doing. Versatile G said, “Dreams don’t work unless you do. Sooner or later, you have to come to a realistic conclusion when something isn’t working. You have to realize everything is temporary and keep pushing no matter what. You have to go to the light at the end of the tunnel.” 

You can find out more info about Versatile G on Instagram here: @versatileg1

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