How Winners Circle Genetics Became A Frontrunner In The Cannabis Industry

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For a minority-owned company to become a leading figure in a corporate-dominated industry such as cannabis is an extraordinary milestone. In the first place, breaking the barriers to enter the market can be challenging. Therefore, it’s no wonder that it is even more difficult to become a frontrunner. How was the cannabis companyWinners Circle Genetics able to do this?

Winners Circle Genetics founders Chris Milano Allison, Hassim Robinson, and Abou Thiam constantly work on building the company’s name. No matter how small a step was taken, it’s still a positive move towards boosting the brand’s reputation. They believe that all their efforts will eventually pay off and that the company will make its way to the top of the cannabis industry.

Chris, Hassim, and Abou’s goal for creating the brand was to set new cannabis industry standards in genetics. Therefore, they came up with a business model that will lead them to their objectives.

Included in the model is answering to the demand for high-quality cannabis products. The company is dedicated to making strains that are sure to take the industry by storm. It has also distinguished itself from its competitors with its premium-grown cannabis plants, which have been imperative to producing exotic and superior aroma, taste, and calming effects of its products.

Along with the quality of its products, Winners Circle Genetics also combined celebrity influence in its business model. The company built connections with some of the biggest superstars. For instance, during the launch of Winners Circle Genetics’ Birkinz strain, the event was hosted by the renowned rapper Quavo of the group Migos.

The company also emphasizes that social media and other outlets made a significant difference in growing their business. It became a way for them to improve their brand awareness and credibility, which eventually helped in increasing their consumer base. In Winners Circle Genetics’ case, they built their influence on Instagram, where they now have tens of thousands of followers.

Through high-quality products, celebrity partnerships, and social media influence, Winners Circle Genetics became a leading cannabis company in California. In fact, its Peanut Butter & Jelly strain received an award from the Hall of Flowers in 2020. The brand’s next goal is to expand its reach to other states like Colorado, Maryland, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Washington.

To help achieve this objective, Winners Circle Genetics has partnered with CanaFarma (CNFHF), a leading full-service company for hemp-related products and services. Its role is to provide a working capital facility plus two million common shares to allow the cannabis brand to meet the demand for its strains and products.

In the future, Winners Circle Genetics is expected to make its way to various marketplaces in every state. With the outstanding quality of its products and effective business model, this goal is not far off.

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