Yahdan Yada

How Yahdan Yada Turned Illness Into Health and Wealth

He went from being clinically depressed to having a health and wellness empire. In this transition Yahdan has learned to fight his inner demons and find true peace and clarity. Yahdan’s life is an incredible and empowering success story that will inspire anyone who has ever felt lost or broken.

Yahdan believes that his childhood has greatly shaped who he is today. He was raised by his hard-working mother, who went from being a welfare recipient to a breadwinning lower middle class citizen. Yahdan never met his father as a child. He felt a void in his life which led to a lot of pent-up anger and resentment.

These bitter feelings compelled him to spend a lot of time on the streets and get involved with gangs. Yahdan spent his early adulthood as a wanderer; he was in the military before journeying through the states in hopes of starting a business. Eventually Yahdan met a mentor or ‘OG’ who taught him some of his most valuable life lessons: how to be a man, having charisma, and the importance of taking care of your mother.

Around this time Yahdan reconnected with his father. All the years of built-up rage and confusion were finally settled. Yahdan was able to see things from a different perspective and put his issues behind him.

Although things were beginning to look up for Yahdan, his physical health had taken a turn for the worse. He suffered from extreme depression and liver failure, and eventually found himself on a breathing machine. This was when Yahdan had an epiphany. Sick and tired of being sick and tired, he decided to dedicate his life to divine healing.

Yahdan began to piece himself together mentally and physically. His experience allowed him to create a path for others to discover their own personal greatness. Yahdan now has a health and wellness conglomerate that has expanded into a booming e-commerce site, a detox retreat in South America, a condo development in Senegal, and a future luxury resort in the mountains of Ecuador.

Yahdan believes that the struggles he faced in his early life led him on his enlightening path. He’s seen the dark side of poverty, illness, drug use, and violence. They were what made him want to seek out peace, health, and wealth. Nowadays Yahdan has more than achieved his goal.

He finally has a happy family life and rests easy knowing that he can provide for every member of his family, from his mother to any future grandchildren. His favorite part of entrepreneurship is the level of freedom it grants him. Yahdan has learned to successfully cut toxic people from his life so he can focus on what matters most: family, love, and mental health.

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