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How Young Entrepreneur Cole Carter Pivoted Into a Rising Film Producer

Cole Carter shares his journey establishing successful tech startups and becoming a leading film producer with Argonaut MG.

Every entrepreneur, once in a while, hits this moment where they ask themselves the question – what am I doing? And frequently, such personalities take the most risks to attain their goals and succeed in life. Whether that’s moving to a new city, closing an existing business, or taking a leap into an industry that’s unconventional and unique, such questions have often crossed across many minds, and a few among those have placed faith in themselves by turning their dreams into a reality. Louisiana native, entrepreneur and a tech investor, Cole Carter, definitely had such apprehensions when he decided to step into the world of film production by launching his company, Argonaut MG.

Carter, a 22-year-old serial entrepreneur, never planned to be a film producer, but that’s what his fate had in store. As someone with a particular affinity towards all things creative, discovering and nurturing a passion for film production, photography, editing, and videography came organically to him at an early age. “I never really considered the idea of getting into the entertainment industry, but as I learned more about it, I was convinced that there’s plenty of scope and money and that if I want to build a career in this stream, nothing will and should hold me back. And that’s how my journey as a film producer began,” shared Carter.

Having started his tech startup in Louisiana, Carter’s quest to expand his business, improve his network, and get involved in the entertainment industry drove him to move to Los Angeles at the age of 18. In less than two years, he was able to manage and run multiple successful tech businesses and also his film production company. At present, Argonaut already has three films in the development phase and two in the pre-production phase. And, not to forget, the young entrepreneur is also engaged in talks with Netflix for a few potential projects. Through Argonaut, Carter aims to change the face of the entertainment industry, spark a global phenomenon, and give rise to a movement to spur a significant amount of influence and power that the world has never witnessed before.

Being a creative individual, Carter believes in always unwinding, thinking, meditating, innovating, and evolving to avoid any mental blocks that would affect his potential to achieve finer and bigger things in life. With this approach, he believes, he can always strive for better. He adds, “Whether it is the tech company or the film production company, all the ideas have stemmed while being in complete solitude, in the absence of technology around me. Doing this constantly has helped me reflect and learn. We often underestimate how much changing environments can shift our minds, purposes, and lives overall. Meditation, travel, and a balanced lifestyle have together and individually contributed to the success and seamless transitions in my life, both professional and personal.”

Besides being focused on improving his knowledge and experience in the areas of blockchain, entertainment, and data science, Carter is also heavily investing his time and energy towards exploring the potential and future of AI and humanity. Lastly, he advises, “If you want to attain something you never had before, then do something you have never done before. Change your habits, become a new you.” Through his feats in entrepreneurship, it is quite clear that Carter doesn’t believe in waiting for the right time. Instead, he likes the idea of executing his plans instantaneously.


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