How Young Entrepreneur Lakshay Jain Changed His Fortune Through Dedication

What is an average 16-year-old doing right now? Attending classes, hanging out with friends, reading, or maybe playing computer games, it’s the answer you’d get most often. But as it turns out, today’s teens are starting to learn more about business and entrepreneurship from an early age, and by the time they graduate from high school, they could be making more than their parents. This scenario might have sounded incredible a few decades ago, but now it’s simply a reality of the business world. One of the best examples in this regard, and a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur from an early age, is Lakshay Jain.

The youngest entrepreneur and developer

Lakshay Jain became interested in web development when he was just seven years old. But instead of making it a hobby, like most other children his age, he decided to pursue it as a career and take part in programming events. There, he impressed everyone with his skills – including designing a fully-functional website in three hours.

Now, at 16, Lakshay Jain is a fully-fledged entrepreneur with over 100 completed projects and many innovative ideas for the future. Amidst the pandemic, he didn’t hesitate to apply his creative concepts to the new context of digital transformation, so he founded Mevrex – a development and media agency that empowers clients with state-of-the-art solutions. Mevrex provides website and app development, consultancy, graphic design, and digital marketing and has already worked with many clients across the globe.

What can young entrepreneurs learn from Lakshay Jain?

Lakshay Jain did not come from a background of affluent investors, nor did he come across a large inheritance. Instead, his story is grounded in the reality of middle-class India, and that’s precisely why like-minded young entrepreneurs have so much to learn from him. Lakshay learned programming because he showed a natural propensity towards it and achieved all his impressive competencies through hard work and determination. And although his generation is often disregarded from their views on life, and for being irresponsible with spending, Lakshay Jain did not preoccupy himself with designer clothing and other unnecessary purchases. Instead, he became financially independent at a very young age, pursued his web development projects from his own money, and did not rely on his family for financial support. He is a self-made entrepreneur through and through and, inspired by his mother’s laboriousness, he didn’t stop when hurdles came his way. India has one of the most ruthless and most competitive web development landscapes in the world, which makes it even harder for beginners to thrive.

Lakshay Jain’s journey was not without setbacks, but he showed a maturity and resilience that other entrepreneurs needed decades to hone.

Lakshay Jain has talked about his experiences in many interviews with tech publications and shared the core business philosophies that helped him succeed:

  • Every start-up idea should be backed by guidance and extensive market research. Although Mevrex is Lakshay’s passion project, he didn’t start it without analyzing market prospects first. In fact, he talked many times about the importance of proper guidance when bringing a new idea to the market.
  • Patience is key when launching a start-up. Many times, entrepreneurs launch a start-up, hoping to generate profit almost immediately. However, this rarely happens, and you have to be patient and let it bloom. Lakshay Jain also explains that the initial profit made should be directed towards the company’s growth, not towards personal gain. This way, the start-up can become sustainable and mature.
  • Problem-solving skills are vital for any entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is not a smooth road, especially not in a competitive field such as web development, and obstacles will inevitably come your way. When that happens, it’s important not to panic and instead direct your energy towards solving the problem. Also, he emphasizes that this philosophy should also apply when thinking of a new product or business idea: it should aim to solve an existing problem that customers are facing.

Despite his young age, Lakshay Jain works incredibly hard, at a rhythm that many would describe as “workaholic”, even when talking about a senior entrepreneur. However, he never perceives work as a strenuous responsibility and is fueled entirely by enthusiasm, passion, and hunger for success.

Lakshay Jain is, without a doubt, an inspiration, not only for entrepreneurs his age but also for experienced entrepreneurs too. His success story shows that anything is possible with hard work and talent, and not even a pandemic can stand in the way of a good business idea. For the future, Lakshay Jain has several creative projects in the pipeline, and if everything he achieved as a teenager is of any indication, then we can definitely expect some groundbreaking news soon.


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