How Young Entrepreneur Rohit Tayade, Founder of Realownmedia, Became a Reference in the Digital Environment

In a world as competitive, wide, innovative, and in constant growth as the digital environment is, to remain in force is a challenge. However, it also represents an opportunity for hundreds of young people to embark on a new business path, becoming specialists on social media, and even becoming influential individuals in the digital aspect.

An example of this is the career of the young entrepreneur Rohit Tayade, an influencer, YouTuber, network advisor and digital advisor are some of the aspects that characterize this 19-year-old entrepreneur who has been able to recognize and take advantage of the potential of the digital world to develop his business experience.

In addition, Tayade is a Digital Marketing Consultant, an occupation that has led him to live a busy but passionate routine. He has been able to complement his knowledge, skills and efforts to develop a professional career in social networks that has given him great success.

At his young age, this entrepreneur has become a reference within the digital environment. Not only does he stand out for his knowledge of handling and managing diverse content on multiple digital platforms, but also for his ability to grow his own image intelligently in a short time, through several strategies.

Realownmedia is an agency dedicated to digital media management founded by Rohit himself which has had great relevance for the work done with hundreds of clients both in India and in other countries around the world.

Recognize and Make The Most of Your Potential

Rohit is the living proof that age is not a limitation to start working for our purposes when we know we have the potential to do so. This young man, who is only 19 years old, has identified each of his strengths and made the most of them to build a successful business career.

He also recognizes the potential of social networks and their unstoppable growth. For this reason, he decided to start working on it, being also an environment that ensures he is increasingly passionate about it.

“Social networks have always fascinated me. Everything has become easy and looking at the power of social networks, every person or brand has made its strong digital presence. The best thing I have observed is that social networks and digital marketing campaigns have gradually replaced traditional marketing methods,” affirmed Tayade.

In this context, he began sharing content of different categories, from technology, video games and researching trends and sharing information in social networks to generate interaction.

Later, he focused his attention on YouTube, going out of his comfort zone and facing new challenges that, with determination, effort and thanks to his skills, he managed to achieve success.

Growing and Helping Others to Move Forward

Tayade didn’t just apply his knowledge to grow and boost his own social media profiles, he actually decided to put his skills and knowledge to use to help other public figures, entrepreneurs and business people to have a more solid presence in the digital field.

That’s how he started Realownmedia, the digital management agency that allowed him to provide service and advice to those interested in growing within digital platforms in an original and creative way.

His age and hundreds of occupations have not been limiting for this young entrepreneur to have all his efforts and knowledge to achieve their goals. In fact, it has been his versatility and creative thinking that has given him the opportunity to make a difference and be distinguished within the digital environment as a promising expert in the area of marketing in the not too distant future.

Go Beyond Your Limits

A phrase that distinguishes Rohit is “win while you learn,” it is a criterion that motivates you to go beyond the limits in any context where you are. In his case, exploring the various digital platforms and finding in them a tool to develop opportunities for growth and success when combined with his skills, has undoubtedly been his greatest experience.

On the other hand, he is always innovating, he does not focus only on following trends, which he considers “easy,” but on creating them, which, in his opinion, is the real challenge.

He is currently focused on one thing: growth. He points out that one of his biggest goals is to increase his numbers on YouTube to over 100K, and in addition, to be recognized for providing the best digital marketing services worldwide.

By Eliana Ianni, Public Relations Director of Leyes Media

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