How YoungLA Has Become a Go-To Brand for Leading Fitness Influencers and Athletes

Fitness influencers and enthusiasts are everywhere on the internet, often pushing various fitness clothing brands in addition to their workout routines. With so many brands being marketed, it isn’t easy to find a brand that delivers quality clothing. One brand that has stood out among all others is YoungLA, a fitness clothing brand headquartered in Los Angeles.

YoungLA was founded by two brothers, Gurmer and Robby Chopra. Gurmer, a University of California, Santa Barbara alumni, and Robby, a California State University, Northridge graduate, had corporate jobs after graduation. However, coming from a family of businessmen, they knew that they wanted to start their own business. They started selling random products on eBay under the name YoungLA and later began selling on Amazon too. On both platforms, they noted that men’s fitness apparel was in high demand. They then decided to go into the fitness apparel niche, still under the YoungLA name. They started selling bodybuilding shorts on Amazon to put them on the map and later started their website to sell their products.

YoungLA started off working from home with one employee and slowly expanded to 27 fulltime employees in a 10,000 square feet warehouse in California and 25 athletes from all over the country. They also expanded their fitness clothes to include compression shorts, running shorts, cut-off tanks, among others. Ever the hardworking duo, the brothers launched male lifestyle clothing such as jeans, bomber jackets, and the perfect tee, which is their most popular item.

Their growth did not come by chance; they worked hard to promote their brand to where it is today – the go-to brand for leading fitness influencers and athletes. When starting out, they got an Instagram influencer on board to model and market their clothes online. This helped with brand visibility, as more people started to discover the brand. In 2019, they brought on board their first big athlete, Jerdani Kraja. Working with him promoted their brand even further, as he helped with expanding their audience. He is the most prominent athlete for the brand, and hypes up all their releases, and even tries on their clothes and showcases them online.

YoungLA prides itself on having quality and affordable fitness apparel, and it is not hard to see why it has become the go-to brand for leading fitness influencers and athletes.

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